44 Earrings in 44 Days!

In case you haven’t heard yet, I am challenging myself to make 44 earrings in 44 days.  It is in celebration of my 44th birthday in July.  After the 44 days is up, July 14th, I will raffle off several pairs of the earrings.  To enter the raffle you have to go over to my Facebook page and like, comment and/or share the earring pictures.  You can have up to three chances a day if you do all three on each picture.

Below are some of the earrings from the last week.

earring collage2

This challenge is giving me the chance to try some new ideas that have been brewing in my creative brain, as well as figure out some new designs that I had not even thought of before.

Hope you join in on the fun!

44 Earrings in 44 Days: Earrings 1-6

In case you missed my post last week, I am challenging myself to make 44 earrings in 44 days for my birthday!  When the 44 days are up, after July 14th, I will raffle off several pairs of the earrings.  In order to be included in the raffle you need to go over to my Facebook page, which you can access from the tab on the right, and like, share, or comment on the earring pictures.

Here are the earrings I have posted so far…..

earring1 earring2 earring3

earring4  earring5 earring6

Every like, comment, or share gives you an extra chance.  Pair 7/44 will be up later today!

44 Earrings in 44 Days!

July is my birthday month, and in celebration of this I am making 44 earrings in 44 days!  After July 14th, when the 44 days are up, I will be drawing names to win several pairs of my earrings.  To be included in the drawing you need to head over to my Facebook page, and over the next 44 days, like, comment and share the various pictures of earrings that I will be posting.  Every like, share or comment counts as  your name going in the bucket, for every day you do that.  So your name can get put in up to three times a day!

 fish earrings'

Above are earring pair 1 of 44!

Not all earrings will be fish, or glass, for that matter.  I want to use this time to get creative, try some new designs and get some ideas out of my head.  If I have a busy day, like a day I am teaching, then the next day I will post 2 pairs.  Hope you all join in the fun!

Napkin Rings Class

In April there was a class on making your own napkin rings from raw clay.  The first class was building the pieces from raw clay and getting them cleaned.  The pieces were then fired, and students returned the following week to paint their pieces.

Everyone had fun in the class, and there will definitely be more hand building pottery classes on the upcoming schedule.

Pictured above is the work of two students.

Welcome Back Class!

On Wednesday, March 16th classes officially kicked off with the Welcome Back Class.  This is a free class I offer as a “THANK YOU” to students that have participated in classes the previous year.  I feed them lunch and there is a surprise project.

This year we did a modified silk screen printing project, using embroidery hoops for make shift screen frames.


Participants printed their silhouette on to white, flour sack dish towels.


Everyone had a blast and went home with their very own dish towel, that they had designed and printed.


I hope to expand on this technique and offer more classes on silk screen printing.

Check out the *CLASSES & WORKSHOPS* tab for classes being offered thru June.


The Open House at Bahama Dawn Studios is this Friday and Saturday!

Friday, November 27th, 3pm – 7pm

Saturday, November 28th, 10am – 1pm


Come by to see the classroom and the awesome work the students have done, have a holiday beverage, do some Christmas shopping, or just come by to say hello.

On Saturday you can paint a ceramic Christmas ornament, then leave it with me to fire.

My students have been sewing pillowcases to be used as toy sacks to send to the southern islands, for the children affected by hurricane Joaquin.  We are filling these sacks with toys, pencils, books etc….  If you would like to donate some items to put in the sacks (new or gently used) bring them to the Open House.  We will be filling the sacks on Monday, November 30th.

If you need directions to the studio, for the Open House, send me a message and I will give you directions.

See you this weekend!