Fun with Machine Quilting & Binding Class Progress

*Fun with Machine Quilting & Binding* Class is almost over; one more class left on Wednesday.  I have taught this class four times now and it is still one of my favorites to teach.  Probably because I enjoy this part of the quilting process so much!  The ladies in this class are working so hard, and doing so well.  Here are a few photos of some of their free motion pieces from last week.


Free Motion Quilting Samples done by students.

They are doodling away on their machines and having fun, sometimes forgetting to breathe!


Free Motion Quilting Samples done by students

I am sure the homemade 10 Cup Cookies with coffee and tea helped get them through the stressful parts of class!


Homemade 10 Cup Cookies

Tomorrow they come for the final class to learn several different binding methods.

Check out the class schedule by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.  Some classes just have a few more spots left and some are full, so if you want to join us contact me.

Pumpkin Sneak Peek

New pumpkin creations are slowly creeping out of the studio.  I am looking forward to doing a major reveal of everything a bit closer to Halloween.  I am early because I am so excited about pumpkin season.

So for now I will share a few bits and pieces….


Glass Pumpkin Pendant

I am happy with how these pieces turned out!


Glass Pumpkin Earrings

Stay tuned!

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

If any of you know me, or have been following me online, you will know that I am totally OBSESSED with pumpkins!  The season to decorate with pumpkins {Halloween and Thanksgiving} just doesn’t last long enough for me!

I am in the process of designing some of my own pumpkin pieces {quilts, placemats, beads, plates}, but while I wait for those to be finished I found some really cool patterns online that I used.  Check out my versions in the pictures below.

Pumpkin pincushions!

pumpkin pins

For the pincushions I made some glass head pins with a pumpkin-fall theme.


A Jack O Lantern Wall Hanging which uses paper piecing.


Click on the links to make some pumpkins items for yourself!  In the meantime I will get back to designing and finishing my own pumpkin creations!

Welcome Back Class Was A Blast!

Yesterday was the first class for Fall 2014, at Bahama Dawn Studios, and I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves!  Ladies came to class not knowing what project they were going to make.  They only had to bring their sewing machine and thread.  The project I had created for them was a quilted notebook cover.


Happy Quilters

They learned the Quilt As You Go method; most learned how to put in a zipper for the first time; one lady used a sewing machine for the first time and successfully completed the project!!

notepad covers

Beautiful notepad covers

For their notepad covers I gifted them with one of my handmade buttons, either glass or ceramic.  Also included in their little gift packet was a set of quilting pins with one of my glass creations as the topper.

glass pins

Hand crafted quilting pins with glass topper

Here are some closeups of their quilted notepad covers….


Zippered pouch on notepad cover


Pouch folds over to protect notepad

Thank you to those that came and joined in the creative fun!

Next week “Fun with Machine Quilting & Binding” starts, there is only one space left!

Hope to see you there!

Class Sneak Peek

Howdy friends!

It is really crunch time for me now, getting the last of the samples done for the class schedule, which I said would be out by August 20th!

class sneak peek

The pin wheel block above is a part of a Christmas project class.

One of the classes that I am really looking forward to teaching is *Fun with Machine Quilting and Binding*.

machine quilting class

I’ve also been painting the classroom.  Did you know painting walls is one of my LEAST favorite things to do?  It is coming along……slowly, very slowly….


After the newsletter goes out to the subscribers, the classes will be posted under the *Classes* tab at the top of the main page.  Check the website or your email box next week to see what creative things we have planned at Bahama Dawn!