The Class Schedule is Posted!

For those of you who have been waiting on the class schedule…….. it is done, emailed and posted!

There are lots of exciting new classes.  There are three fabric dyeing classes.


 There are three holiday classes with pieces themed for Halloween, Fall and Christmas!


There is a free Welcome Back Class for past students, with limited seating so let me know ASAP if you would like to attend.  I will also be offering two Pottery Painting classes and a Holiday Sign Painting Class before Thanksgiving.

Save the date for our Holiday Open House on November 27th & 28th!

Check out the *CLASSES* tab at the top of the page to see the class descriptions and dates.

See you in class!

What I’m Doing Wednesday

The class schedule is ready!  I just have not published in yet for two reasons….

1) I just came up with a new class idea that I love so much I just had to add it to the schedule, so I am working on the sample.

2) In the new schedule I am offering a discount to students who pay for classes early, and this is taking more accounting skills than I seem to have!


So let me finish up this last project that I am squeezing in, and mull the numbers in my head a few more days, then you should see the new schedule of classes.

As the picture above suggests, there are lots of holiday classes!

Have a creative week!

Fabric Dyeing Classes

I have been obsessed with dyeing my own fabrics for years.  It started back when I was in first grade.  My VERY BRAVE first grade teacher, Mrs. Bancroft, did batik (with hot wax) with our class!!!  Twenty some little five year olds!  That still amazes me.  I am not sure I would teach that class with 20 adults!  Anyway, it started a life long journey for me.  As a child I would get my mom to buy me Rit Dyes for t-shirts and tennis shoes.  Then when I began quilting and figured out I could dye my own fabrics…well, I was unstoppable!


Back in February I taught Fabric Dyeing 101.  This fall one of the first classes I will be offering is Fall Colors Fabric Dyeing, then starting in October and continuing monthly, I will do a once a month technique class.  It is not necessary to have taken Fabric Dyeing 101 to take the upcoming classes.

fall colors

Some of the first classes will cover texture & pattern on the fabric, dyeing multicolored fabrics, pastel shades & color palettes with primary and secondary colors.  Hopefully in the new year we can dive into using hot wax to create batik fabrics.  I am calling this class “Color on Cloth”, and it will be $20 for a four-hour session, use of dyeing tools and dye.  You will either bring your own PFD fabric or purchase separately from me.

I am sure if you talk to the students from Fabric Dyeing 101 they will tell you how much fun the class was and how much they love using their very own fabrics in projects!  Hope to see you in class!

Block of the Month Class

The Block of the Month Class started in May.  This class meets once a month to receive their pattern for one block.  They are about halfway thru their quilt, and below is what their quilts look like so far.  Of course, everyone has used a different fabric palette, so there are some differences.  They have two more blocks to do, then the borders and then they are done!


The class schedule for September – November is really close to being published.  So much fun stuff!  A few new classes like Copper Ornaments, Sign Painting, Beginner Glass Bead Making.  Classes will only run thru the second week of November because after that my crazy, holiday show schedule starts.  Be sure to check out the *SHOWS* tab at the top of the page to find out dates for holiday events.

A Few More Pretties!

I wanted to show you a few more samples from my fabric dyeing sessions.

Blues and greens.  The colors remind me of sea glass.  All those shades of blue, green and purple are on one piece of fabric.



I also played around with yellows, reds and purples, on two separate pieces of fabric.


I am really looking forward to the new dyeing classes coming up in the Fall!


Fabric Dyeing Fun!

I probably dye fabric at least once a week.  It never gets old.  This week I have been playing with some new colors, as well as techniques for multicolored fabric.


I don’t know if I can stand to cut that up!


Look at all the colors in just one yard of fabric!

There is no end to what can be done with dyeing fabric, so I have decided that I am going to start a once-a-month class on fabric dyeing.  It will be great for those that took Fabric Dyeing 101, they will be able to build on their skills and add to their hand dyed fabric collection.  It will also give newbies a chance to get their feet wet (with dye!).


Details for this class will be out when I finalize the new schedule….I am shooting for this to be out mid-August! There are lots of fun classes coming up……Thread Painting, Fall & Christmas Decor, even a class making ornaments with metals!  With that, said I better get off the computer and back into the studio!!