Bead Table Wednesday

A few months back I joined the Flickr group, Bead Table Wednesday, and have just been lurking and not posting any pictures.  It really is a simple group, where jewelry artists post pictures of what is on their worktable, or what they have recently finished every Wednesday.
I decided to start today since I have a some jewelry pieces I need to be working on.
These components are a mixture of old and new.
I am fiddling with all the pieces now trying to decide which pieces I will make and that will help me decide what kinds of glass beads I need to make to go with it all.
Hopefully early next week I will be done and can show you what I came up with!
Happy Wednesday!

Creative Project #16 ~ Aprons & Creative Challenges

This morning my dear friend, Amy, sent me a link to a website where an artist was being interviewed.  This artist was Leah Piken Kolidas of Blue Tree Art Gallery.
Leah hosts a year long creative challenge to create everyday.  I was over the moon since the February challenge I am in on FLickr has kept me so inspired, and I have been wondering what I would do after this one was over.
Of course, without hesitation I joined Leah’s group!  After February, instead of blogging every, single day about what I created, I will do one post a week with a selection of items that have come out of my creative journey, because there are other blog posts I am anxious to do.  Like the post on my plate and chair collection!
So after the excitement of finding another creative challenge this morning I went into my studio and worked on some more asterisk blocks for my new quilt and then looked around for something new to dive into.
In one of my first Creative Project Posts I mentioned an apron I wanted to make from Fat Quarterly Magazine.  Here it is……..another apron to add to my growing collection.
I LOVE aprons.  They are so practical and pretty – all rolled into one.
This apron will be perfect for art shows.  There is even a tiny pocket for business cards and a pen slot.
Plus two more spacious pockets.
All the printed fabrics I used on this apron are all vintage fabrics, even the backing fabric.
For my last art show I made the apron below out of vintage doilies and got lots of compliments on it.
The owl apron was sent to me in a swap, and also makes a great show apron because of all the handy pockets.
Perhaps another future blog post could be on my apron collection!
Because I am an apronista!

A New Design Obsession……

Whenever I have a show ahead of me and orders coming out of my ears, my imagination is running wild with new ideas.  In my last post I showed you the pillow that I did for a Flickr swap I was in called {Pillow Talk}.  
“home sweet home”
I have had a collection of vintage fabrics and laces for quite some time now and could never figure out what to do with them.  After that pillow for the swap I am on a roll!
I incorporated the lace into this one.  I also have another one that is waiting to be quilted, in blues and greens which I will be keeping for myself!  I am calling this one “this old house”.
I even did piping and a zipper on this one!!! SO PROUD of myself, under the instruction of my Mom who is a master sewer, although she wont admit it!  The below picture shows the piping and the zipper together….quite an accomplishment for me!  I always tell people I cant sew straight lines!
It probably is a strange color selection, but I pulled the vintage fabrics first for the house and then added the solids to compliment.   One of these house must have an owl in the yard at some point also!
I also have a wall hanging started with this same concept, and I have jewelry pieces in the works with a house theme.   It is a real sweat shop in this house right now and I love it!
Have a great weekend!

Home Sweet Home.

I have spent the last few days finishing some swap projects and trying to get ready for an art show in two weeks!  The first swap quilt I can only show you sneak peeks of since I am not sure if my partner reads my blog, and in this swap we know each other.
This was a swap for a BBQ/Picnic Mini Quilt.
If you are friends with me on facebook, then you saw this quilt yesterday.
Some of my favorite things are in this mini quilt!
Can you guess what they are?
This is being shipped from Florida tomorrow, so when my partner receives it I can post the picture of the entire quilt.
I also had a deadline for a pillow swap.  I am pretty sure my partner does not read my blog, but she doesn’t know who her partner is anyway, so I can show you the entire pillow.
One of her preferences was blues and greens.  I had so much fun making this pillow and had a hard time actually *stopping*!  The fabrics that make up the house in the middle are vintage fabrics.
I embroidered “home sweet home” under the house and added two little blue birds.
I also quilted the grass at the bottom and wanted to add flowers, but wasn’t sure how much of a flower fan my partner was so thought I should STOP!
If I ever get the time to make myself one (she says while daydreaming!) then i will add flowers to the bottom!
And YES… and green AGAIN!!!  Just cant get away from it!
Well, back to working on orders and trying to get some stock for that art show!!