Sneak Peak at New Ideas

Yesterday was a busy day….painting, sewing, flameworking, beading…..scattered, but busy.  I had to find something to do while paint dried!  Eventually the puzzle pieces in the picture will become a piece of fun and funky artwork to hang in my booth for the Art for the Parks Show.
Are there other artists like me?……when you should be concentrating on a show there are other creative things calling your name, begging for you to work on them, when they have nothing to do with the upcoming show or order.
One of my new years resolutions was to learn how to knit.  I knew how to cast on, knit and pearl, so on Sunday my Mom showed me and a friend how to do the cable stitch.  It takes quite a bit of concentration, but I am pleased with my results.  Guess what?…..its going to be a scarf 🙂
I hope to post more snippets as they are created.

New Year……New Work

The first three weeks of 2010 have been crazy-busy!!! I started out the new year taking a plein air painting workshop from Walt Bartman of Yellow Barn Studio.
It was an amazing experience! I hadn’t painted with oils since high school, so I learned (or re-learned) alot!  Here are the paintings that I did during that workshop.
Hopefully I can take what I learned in this workshop and apply it to my art quilts.  I plan on doing this workshop again in 2011 to continue to learn from a great teacher.

In my last post I showed a small piece of  a quilt I was working on that had been ordered for a Christmas gift.  When I first got the call about the quilt, the lady told me she wanted a pink, lavender, butterflies, very girly design.  This is what popped into my head and she loved it.
I am actually surprised at myself and how the actual quilt came out like the drawing.
This design has sparked a whole new set of ideas for quilts which I will be showing at the Art for the Parks Show, here in Marsh Harbour Abaco, the weekend of January 29th.

So here is the final quilt.  It measures about 3 feet by 4 feet and I hope that it is something that Sarah treasures for a long time.

So now its time to get to work and get some quilts and jewelry and “other stuff” finished for the Art for the Parks show.  Below are a few beads that I made with the torch yesterday.  Hopefully they will turn into a piece of artwork that someone can wear on their neck.
Back to work I go!

Open Studios Tour by Cloth Paper Scissors

Check back in a few days to view photos of my studio. Keep in mind it is a work in progress (my studio) and truly is a working studio since i am getting ready for 2 upcoming shows!!!!! Also, check out the Cloth Paper Scissors website to view the studios of other mixed media artists……they may inspire you! You may even want to purchase the newest issue of Studios Magazine.