The Show is Over!

My art show at John Watling’s was so much fun!  John Watling’s is a rum distillery in a building that was built in the 1700’s!  They give tours of the distillery, and if you are in Nassau, I highly recommend making this one of your stops.

Beautiful John Watling’s Building

Below is one of my new pillow designs!  It is one of my favorite!  I can’t believe no one wanted to carry this cute guy home, but that’s okay, I will be adding a few items that I brought back to my Etsy shop over the next week.


Hand Painted Octopus Silk Pillow

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

What I Have Been Up To…….

I am sure in my last post I was telling you that I was getting ready for an art show…..

I used old frames, spray painted them black, for jewelry displays.

Had a quilt to make, as a donation to the Bahamas National Trust, for a raffle.

The art show ran for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and was a great success!
It was the first time I really had a big selection of jewelry.  My sales were great and I got a lot of compliments.
Of course any show is a lot more fun when you are surrounded by friends.  These friends were my show neighbours and we had a great time.

I still haven’t had a chance to upload the photos of my booth.  I *borrowed* these few photos from one of facebook friends 🙂
Be sure to check out my blog for the month of February.  I am going to be posting and selling some cute heart items, and giving a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.

See you tomorrow!

i {heart} hearts

I am not sure what has gotten into me lately, but I have been totally smitten with hearts for several months now. I think I have been trying to repress this also, but I no longer can. They are sneaking out into my work like I have no control.
My style really seems to be changing, but I am enjoying the transformation, and just creating from my heart.
As you have heard me say, I am getting ready for a show next weekend. I am trying not to show too much of my new work. For one, I want people who come to the show to be able to see new things, and then I get in a pickle if someone wants to buy it and then I am short of stock for my show.
B U T……I just have to show you a few things that I am so proud of!
First this set of jewelry….heart of blues…..

Then this journal that I made after reading a bible verse on Pinterest (yes, i am addicted to pinning also!)
“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” Proverbs 4:23
WOW! That is the perfect verse for an artist!
Here is the journal I was inspired to make after reading that verse.

I love the texture in this……

If it were my journal I wouldnt be able to stop touching all the textures and frays.

I hope this journal gets a really special home…..

and that the owner of this journal remembers…
“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” Proverbs 4:23

Back to Quilting

Today I have been back at the sewing machine. Finishing up a quilt I am making for the Bahamas National Trust. It will be raffled at Art for the Parks, which is a local art show that I participate in.

I realized today that this show is 2 weeks from Friday……eeeekkkk……TWO WEEKS!!!
I only have a few more blocks left to make for this quilt, and I really love the palette….lime, yellow, hot pink, a little orange and dash of red.

And this pattern sews up very quickly.

I have so much to do, but I love the creative adrenaline rush I get leading up to a show. It is something I wish I could bottle and use when I have no motivation to work.  
I am looking forward to sharing with you all my new creations.
After this show I will also be back to teaching quilting again!!  If you are local and would like to take up quilting, or be a part of a quilting class, please let me know ASAP.
Well, back to stitching for me right now…….unlike my precious cat, Mr Wiggles, who gets to snooze in the sunshine…..

Creative Project #26 ~ a busy, busy day!

All week you have been hearing me talk about “Da Market” that took place today.
It was an overwhelming success all around.
I sold my handmade goods, we sold tshirts and bags for our humane society, and Amy and I practically sold out of vegan food!
We were left with one vegan cheesecake and one slice of vegan mac and *cheese*.
Here are Amy and I in our tent.
Da Market is going to take place again the last Saturday of March and I think I will be signing up again for it!
Then after lunch our dog agility group trained for 3 hours with a trainer/judge, Daniel McDonald, from Florida.
Trixi is my current agility dog and she amazes me every lesson. She was a rescue that I planned to re-home.  She turned up outside the vets office and whenever a human would approach her she would let out a blood curdling scream.  Now she runs an agility course with confidence and it makes my heart smile 🙂
After agility I came home, ate dinner and left again to attend Junkanoo, which is a street festival/parade that is native to the Bahamas.
The costumes and the music amaze me every year.
I am exhausted, but is has been a fantastic day.  I should sleep well tonight!
Good night!

Creative Project #25 ~ da market!

As I told you yesterday, today was a day of tying up lose ends.  Gathering show supplies, packaging items, and doing all those last minute things.  I feel like I am prepared and that scares me so far in advance…..I NEVER feel this way the night before any type of show.
My friend, Amy, and I will have some vegan yummies for sale tomorrow in our tent along with our humane society shirts and bags, and I will have a small selection of my handmade things.
After I got the kiln running this morning, I started making labels for my vegan food.
“H” for Hummus!
Tags for *cheese*cakes…vegan of course 🙂
Yummies labeled and tied.  
Amy will have *N*ice Cream ~ homemade vegan ice cream which is delicious.
I also managed to get some more bags sewn.  These bags are really trying my patience.  The slippery material has a mind of its own under the presser foot!
I really like the shape and size of the dog food bags!  I’d wear the short, wide one on the left as a purse…..but that is artsy, fartsy me 🙂
Now if that kiln would hurry up and cool down I would really be ready!
Hope all of you close by will be at Da Market in the morning….9am til 1pm.
Have a great weekend!

Creative Project #24 ~ paint, paint, paint!

I almost missed my post today!!!  WOW!  Couldn’t let that happen since I am on such a roll!
Thursdays are usually such a busy day for me anyway, and today was even crazier with Saturday’s market coming up.
Thursdays are my day to grocery shop, have lunch with friends, run errands in town, do banking, dog agility class……..
On top of all of that I baked vegan cheesecakes to sell on Saturday, made tons of hummus, and painted ceramic beads.
These babies need to go in the kiln first thing in the morning, right after my run!
Here are some of them drying….
Tomorrow I will need to get all my show goodies together and in one place, like floats, bags, display stands……just so Saturday morning there are no early morning meltdowns.
Good Night!

Creative Project #23 ~ sewing bags while waiting

Happy Hump day all!
A really quick post today to show you a glimpse of my creative journey today.  I mentioned yesterday that Saturday I have a function to attend to raise money for Friends of Abaco Animals.  Those clay pieces I showed you yesterday I put in the kiln for their first firing.
The firing took about five hours and now I sit and wait for it to cool down.  Last time I checked the temperature was at 960!  I probably wont be able to open the kiln until tomorrow.
So in the meantime I went outside and washed out cat and dog food bags……
Hung them to dry……
Now you are really thinking I have lost my mind!!!
But……I am making bags to sell at the Humane Society stall on Saturday!
Great shopping bags that are waterproof!
Trixi and Merlin wanted to pose with the bag! hahaha!
If you are in Abaco, please come by Da Market on Saturday, from 9am – 1pm, in the parking lot of the Bahamas National Trust office.

Awesome Art Show Weekend

The weekend sadly came to an end.   It was filled with great sales, lots of laughs, chats with other artists and spending time with friends.  I could not ask for much more.
This was the opening night.  My jewelry table is behind me.
Now I need to figure out how to stay motivated and inspired!  I was on quite a roll producing new ideas and I would like to keep that up.
I joined a new flickr group called “Create – a project a day – february 2011”.  Maybe this will help me stay motivated.
Of course I will be blogging about this adventure so stay tuned!
I never got to show you the chair that I did for this auction, in addition to the bar stool.
A very exciting bidding war went on over this chair, and it got the highest bid out of all the chairs.
Pretty neat to watch people react to your work like that!
There were a couple chairs that did not find homes that night and I got elected to paint them so they can be sold for the Bahamas National Trust.  I have all sorts of neat ideas and cannot wait to get started.
At my dining room table I have 8 different chairs which are painted eight different colors… is my other fetish besides for the plates!  I am still planning that blog post about my plate collection, so I will include the chairs in that post.
Have a great week and I will see you tomorrow with a new creation for february 1st!

something for me :)

The other night when I took my journal covers over to my mom to ask her advice on pricing, my husband looked at one with a bird on it (i think it was in the last post) and said that the bird needed a sign that said, “eat more veggies”.
That night when i went to bed a design popped into my head, and i sat up and sketched it out right then!
Here is the front:
This one is mine for sure!
The back:
The entire cover opened up:
I really love this one!
I am wrapping things up for the show now.  The last pottery load is in the kiln, which just shut off, so now I get to wait for it to cool.  Hopefully late tonight i can peek inside.
This afternoon I will finish the last few pillows and try and get everything in one place so the transport can start.  
If the sun ever comes out here I need to take pictures of my new jewelry pieces which I keep promising to show you.  Hopefully that will happen this afternoon.
back to work…………… 🙂