Bead Table Wednesday ~ i {heart} copper

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!
It is sad how long it has been since I have done a BTW post. I could have been doing them, because my bead table has been a very active place….but…..anyhoo…..I am back this week at least 🙂
I am getting ready for a show next week, so I have been working on some new components.
In this last post about the Woodland Necklace, I discovered how much I love copper……all on it’s own. Since then I have been cutting and hammering and forging and soldering away with copper.  I just love all the colors copper turns under the heat from the torch!
Here is what was on my table today…..

These, very organic copper flowers, for some reason, were very difficult to clean after oxidizing them…..not sure what I did!  My fingers were black!

I have been experimenting with Shannon LeVart’s tutorial, called Turning Leaves, which you can purchase on Etsy. It is a great tutorial which will lead you step by step through creating mixed media leaves. Again, I used copper!  Fun! Fun! Fun!

I’ve also been playing with PMC Clay some more and need to turn these components into some finished pieces of jewelry.

Well, that’s all I got for now.
Back to creating……..


Over the last few months I have been experimenting with some new materials, trying out new ideas, taking some online classes.
I am not doing any Fall shows like I normally do.  Instead I thought I would have an open house in December with lots of new items.
Here are some sneak peeks from classes I have taken and some new products I have tried out.
This heart charm was from an online class I took at Beaducation, in PMC. 
I had worked with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) before but hadn’t really pushed myself to make anything like this.  It is 2 hearts joined with copper spacers and brass hex nuts, then riveted.

The class gave me a lot of confidence with the PMC and some great ideas for new pieces.
I put the piece in Liver of Sulphur to age it, and then was sorry I did since before that the metals were bright and there was a lot more contrast.
I am still happy with it!

I have also been playing around with some enameling.

Those are some of the first beads I made.  I am using Barbara Lewis‘ kit and book, “Painting with Fire”  and it has been very helpful.
Yesterday I got into a bit of an earring making spell.
Here are two pairs….I cant show you everything….need to save some for the open house!

I love the enamel earrings, below.  They remind me of the ocean.

I’ll pop back in soon to show you some more experiments and some new things!
Have a great week!