Paint Party Friday ~ Morning Pages

Just a quick post today for Paint Party Friday.
I told you in my last post about the morning pages I was doing, but instead of writing, it was an artful journal page in a sketchbook.
Here are a few from this week:
These are pretty quick to do and a relaxing way to start the day.
I don’t think about what I am going to paint before….i just paint!
I am using a portable watercolor set which makes it really quick.  The brush has the water in it and the watercolors dry within minutes.
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Have a great weekend!

Happy Paint Party Friday!!

I cant believe it is Paint Party Friday again!
I have had so much fun this week in my online classes, learning new techniques, having artist breakthroughs and enjoying a wonderful community of artists.
I mentioned in another Paint Party Friday post that I was working on some mixed media pieces.  I had done a  series of mixed media pieces a few years back and really enjoyed the process of them.  Then, a little while ago, I came across Christy Tomlinson’s e-class called She Art and thought I would join it to learn some new techniques and get back into the mixed media groove.
Here is one of my completed pieces from this class.
I just love the mixed media process.  It stops me from worrying about what the final product will look like because there is to telling how it will turn out.
The message on the front says “she loved everyday”, then on the side I painted “you are here for joy and delight of your soul”.  I just love that saying… & delight…..who cant say those words without smiling?  And if that is your focus…..JOY & DELIGHT… have to love every minute of everyday.
I didn’t even plan the letters on her face, “God’s child”, they just happened to be on the page of the old book that I cut from, and I didn’t notice until I had glued her face onto the canvas.  It is just awesome how mixed media’s just work themselves out.  My little inner critic didn’t even bother me while I was working on this piece, he sat quietly on the side and left me alone while I enjoyed the entire process.

I have been doing Morning Pages, off and on, for a few months now.  (You can read more about them here, at the Artist’s Way).  At first they weren’t working for me, but then I started doing some art journaling first, and then the written pages just started flowing.
This is one of my pages from this week.
The art pages are supposed to be a quick art piece done without thinking about it.  Just a way to let it all out…..all that garbage we keep as artists in our mind.
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Hope everyone has had a great week!
Remember to fill everyday with JOY & DELIGHT!

Paint Party Friday ~ Sunshine

Today we have a dreary, rainy day. We do need the rain, but I love the sunshine so much!
Maybe that is why I named one of my cats “Sunshine”.
I did this painting a while back of my cat, Sunshine. That is him in the second picture looking very insulted.
I would eventually like to do a painting of each one of my cats so this is a start!
This painting has some sunshine quotes on it, as well as some words from the song “Sunshine On My Shoulder”. I always sing that song to Sunshine.
The eye image that you see in the painting just kind of happened as I was painting it. It does have some significance though, since Sunshine was in a pretty major accident about 5 years ago where he got a broken jaw and one of his eyes was badly damaged. He still has his eye, but the pupil dilates on a different schedule than the other eye. Sunshine is fine now and one of the sweetest cats I have ever had.
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Maybe you will be inspired to do something creative this weekend!

Paint Party Friday ~ Slow Week

I only finished one painting this week….started a few mixed media pieces, but don’t want to show them til they are done.
I am continuing on my Painting BIG journey with Connie, and this is the result of one of the exercises.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this online class to any artist.  I am mainly an art quilter and jeweler, but a lot of times my designs are painted before they are put into those mediums.
This picture is not the best because the paint was still wet so I had to take it at an angle, but I really enjoyed this exercise and this is my favorite painting from this class so far.  The colors are a lot brighter and more intense than they are showing here also.
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Have a great weekend!

Paint Party Friday……BIG

Last weekend I never made it around to all the Paint Party Friday blogs because we have been having internet issues. Fingers crossed…..looks like the problem has been resovled. So today I have been MADLY catching up on emails, and I will probably spend the rest of the day catching up on replying to emails and reading blogs!
Last Sunday I started an e-course called *BIG ~ a fearless painting adventure*.
Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well it is!
It is hosted by Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio.
I am learning to enjoy the process of painting and not worry about the final product. This is a lesson I need to learn for all areas of my creativity. So many times I am so wrapped up with the image, in my head, of the final piece that I dont enjoy the process. Then when it doesn’t work out many times I dont finish that piece.
Here are a few of my paintings from this week….

This whole process is like art therapy for the artist! I really need that since my creative juices just havent been flowing that well lately.
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Have an awesome weekend!

Paint Party Friday Dreamin’

I have always been a dreamer.
By dreams I mean goals I have for myself for the future, things I want to accomplish, a bucket list of expectations for my life.
And I dream BIG!
I expect a lot from myself.
The last couple of weeks, while my muse has been away from me, I have taken some time to think about those dreams again.  Consider (or re-consider!) what I need to do to make those happen.
So I did a quick art journal painting for PPF with this theme.
 A reminder to myself that it is all possible.
Not sure who wrote this quote….
“if you shoot for the stars and miss, you’ll land in the trees.  if you shoot for the trees and miss, you will land on the ground”
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Have a great weekend!

Mermaid Message for Paint Party Friday

In all my frustration this week with my creative block….or whatever has been going on….I started doing some blog hopping and came across this cool blog called “Paint Party Friday”.
I have mentioned in a few posts how I have been wanting to do some painting again, so I thought joining this online party would be great inspiration.
In my last post I showed you a background in blues I had started in an effort one day just to do SOMETHING creative.  Well the idea I had for that background was not inspiring me anymore, but I had another idea.
I have also been pretty inspired lately by quotes and sayings and I love a painting with a quote.  So I gave this mermaid a message to say……
Something we probably forget a lot!
From the Paint Party Friday blog (don’t forget to go check out all the other blog postings for todays paint party!) I found Kristin Dudish’s blog.  This lady does some awesome paintings and sketches and she is one of the creators of Paint Party Friday.
Kristin has a button on her blog called “30 in 30 for 30”.  She did 30 paintings in 30 days for $30!!  Pretty cool idea hey?!?!
I have been trying to come up with another way to raise money for the Humane Society that I volunteer for and I think I may do my own twist on this.  I emailed Kristin to ask permission to put my own twist on it and she was kind enough to say yes.  I am still brainstorming the whole idea, but stay tuned!
Have a great weekend!

Unfocused Ramblings

I thought it was just me……but after reading several artists blog posts over the last few days I don’t feel so alone.
For the last few days I cant seem to concentrate…..I feel really unfocused in my work.
I am irritable, in part, because I have all this creative stuff in my head that can’t come out.
There’s so much in there that I am having trouble focusing on one thing.
I can’t decide what to do first.  I start one thing and then think I should be working on something else.
I was waiting for this time when I only had a few orders ahead of me, when I could just play, do what I wanted for a few hours, experiment with new ideas……
Now I don’t know what to do with myself.
It is so frustrating!!!!
It doesn’t help that my studio is an absolute mess and I really need to deal with that before I start anything else, but I stand there and look at the fabric pulled out, the sketchbooks all over the place, the yarn that needs to be put away, the glass rods in a pile and I am paralyzed!
I have been having this urge to paint, so I pulled out three colors and started this background…..
Hopefully I can find the inspiration to finish this when it is dry.
As artists are we just supposed to wait for these phases to pass, or fight thru them……I am not sure…..
Have I held these new ideas in for so long that they don’t want to come out anymore?
I am kind of jealous of my cat right now……
He’s not fighting any repressed creativity!!
We finished the screening in the back porch and most of the cats love it.  They can sit and watch the birds, enjoy the breeze and chill.
Maybe I should take some lessons from my cats….relax and this too shall pass 🙂

A few sneak peeks……

A lot has been going on the last week or so.  I thought I would show you what I have been up to, and what has kept me away from blogging.
I have been trying to finish up my swaps.
Here is the beginning of my Doll Quilt Swap…..
I have done more to it, but just not quite ready for another reveal yet.
Here are a few quilts, some swaps, that need the bindings sewn down…..
Here is a sneak peek of a swap I finished and need to pop into the mail.
I wish I could show it to you.  I love the way it turned out and hope my partner loves it as much as I do!
I did this painting as a donation to Friends of the Environment…..
And realized that I really missed the paint brush, so I did this…..
It is a painting of my kitty “Sunshine”.  All over the painting there are sunshine-y sayings and quotes.  I am looking forward to doing some more painting.  It is very therapeutic to me.
I helped out with a fundraiser for Abaco’s animals, called “Cause for Paws”.  I made these take a chance games…..a cat….
and a dog…..
I won two, pretty awesome prizes at this game 🙂
I also made this quilt for an auction prize…..
So that is some of what I have been up to.
Da Market is on Saturday, and I am racing around getting ready for that also.
Bye for now 🙂