Copper Component Blog Hop

Happy Saturday everyone!
I am participating in Kristi Bowman’s Copper Component Blog Hop Challenge. I was so excited to be a part of this because I love the focals Kristi makes from copper clay.
When I received my Sea Urchin focal I held it up to my glass rods to see which colors I should make beads from to go with it.
The pink and green jumped out at me.
I just love the opalescence of this focal. It reminds me of some real shells from the ocean.
I made one pretty huge mistake…….can you see it?
I made my headpins on fine silver wire instead of copper. I am so accustomed to using silver and copper in my work and I always make my headpins on silver.
Hope it is not too obvious. I just may have to change those.
I made a variety of pink, green and clear beads to enhance the focal.
I also added a layer of copper chain to hang next to the row of glass beads.
I wanted the beads to be pretty and stand on their without taking away from the focal and compliment the focal at the same time.
Those beads had a lot of work to do!!
This was a fun challenge!
Please be sure to go and check out what the other participants made. They are listed below. You wont be disappointed! Have a great weekend!
Kimberly Sturrup {you are here}
Lana Kinney (will share on Kristi’s blog)

Woodland Necklace

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
Remember my post, *Coming Soon*?
I was awaiting the arrival of a copper leaf clasp from Daisy Chain Designs in England. That tiny envelope took almost 2 months to get to me!
Now that the holidays are over and my house is empty again, I had a chance to make a piece using this beautiful clasp.
There were five jewelry designers that participated in the challenge, so be sure to check out their blog posts if you didn’t already, right here.
While I was waiting the arrival of this package my lampworked owl was born, and I thought he would be perfect with this clasp.

This is the first time I have done a necklace completely out of copper wire and chain, and I really like it.

I have had this chain for quite some time and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.  It works perfect with this necklace.  Heavy enough to add to the design, but not so heavy that it takes away from the oak leaf clasp or the beads.
Mr Owl has a birdie friend accompanying him also.

Hope you like my Woodland Necklace!
I think I am keeping this one for myself 🙂

Coming Soon……..

First of all, today I am supposed to be a part of a group of bloggers taking part in a challenge with beautiful oak leaf copper jewelry components from Jo at Daisy Chain Designs.
Unfortunately, I am stilling waiting to receive my package, with the oak leaf, that seems to be delayed in the mail.
These are the beautiful copper pieces I am waiting on…..

In the meantime, please check out the Daisy Chain blog & website, as well as all the bloggers participating in the challenge:

Jo Tinley of Daisy Chain Designs
Melissa Meman of Art, Life, Love
Niki Sayers of SilverNikNaks
Amber Boorman of Larksong Studio
Rebecca Anderson of Songbeads
As soon as my oak leaf arrives I will post my design. I have had a design idea in my head since I saw the oak leaves on Jo’s blog, so I cant wait to get started!

Mermaid Message for Paint Party Friday

In all my frustration this week with my creative block….or whatever has been going on….I started doing some blog hopping and came across this cool blog called “Paint Party Friday”.
I have mentioned in a few posts how I have been wanting to do some painting again, so I thought joining this online party would be great inspiration.
In my last post I showed you a background in blues I had started in an effort one day just to do SOMETHING creative.  Well the idea I had for that background was not inspiring me anymore, but I had another idea.
I have also been pretty inspired lately by quotes and sayings and I love a painting with a quote.  So I gave this mermaid a message to say……
Something we probably forget a lot!
From the Paint Party Friday blog (don’t forget to go check out all the other blog postings for todays paint party!) I found Kristin Dudish’s blog.  This lady does some awesome paintings and sketches and she is one of the creators of Paint Party Friday.
Kristin has a button on her blog called “30 in 30 for 30”.  She did 30 paintings in 30 days for $30!!  Pretty cool idea hey?!?!
I have been trying to come up with another way to raise money for the Humane Society that I volunteer for and I think I may do my own twist on this.  I emailed Kristin to ask permission to put my own twist on it and she was kind enough to say yes.  I am still brainstorming the whole idea, but stay tuned!
Have a great weekend!

A Quick Peek!

Yesterday I showed you my first freezer paper stenciled piece, and told you today I would be back to show you what I had done with it.  Well I didnt get to finish the piece, but thought I would show you where I am so far with it.
It is going to be a pillow, and the white parts will have appliques and some quilted words. Over the last few days the idea for these pillows have slowly developing in my head.
This wont be the last, especially since doing the freezer paper stencil was so much fun!  The worst part was waiting for the paint to dry.
My friend, Amy, who does some fabulous stenciling and printing on fabric, gave me some great tips for the stenciling.  Check out Amy’s blog, During Quiet Time, to see the work she does.  Also check out her Etsy shop where you can buy her wonderful creations.
Give me a few days and I will be back to show you the finished piece 🙂
Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Pay It Forward 2011

With all the chaos going on in the world right now life can be pretty depressing.  It is so confusing who to help and which cause to donate to.  There are small things we can do for the people around us that make a difference and cause a ripple effect, because in the end what goes around, comes around.
Some in the blogging world are starting to pay it forward thru their blogs.  The theory is if you do something good for three people, and those people each do something for three more people, and this keeps on going, hundreds and hundreds will be touched.
Fellow bloggers I encourage you to join me and continue this thru your blog.
The first five people to comment below will receive a small handmade gift from me.  Please make sure I can contact you thru your blog to get mailing/contact information.  
When you do something good for someone there is a chance they will do something good for someone else.  Even if they dont, it will brighten that persons day, at the very least.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi

Creative Project #21 ~ my inspiration for RAW

A few posts back I told you about a group I had joined on Flickr, called RAW (Ring A Week).  The challenge in this group is to make a new ring every week. Today the group is having a blog carnival.  At the bottom of this post you can see a list of participants and click on their blogs to see what inspired them to join this group.  You won’t be disappointed by the wonderful work you find!
I have been making jewelry for years, but until a year ago would just give it away as gifts.  I started metal smithing a little over a year ago, and it has been an interesting journey.

At first I was pretty intimidated to post any of my work into this group since the ring pictures in the group are over the top!  Then I thought this would push me to try new things especially since rings are probably my least favorite thing to make.
So I joined RAW hoping it would inspire me to try new techniques and get over my fear of making rings.
I make my rings out of fine silver, fused glass, sea glass, antique pottery shards, lamp worked beads.  Something I am working towards is making rings out of Precious Metal Clay.
For the ring above I made a silver bezel, filled it with tiny pieces of sea glass and shells, then filled it with resin.
Here are a few with my lamp worked pieces and wire wrapping.
All last night I had an idea in my head for a ring which was a combination of metal smithing and a flame worked bead.
I set out this morning to try it out.  I made the silver band but I could not get the part on the top that would hold the bead to work.  So I bezeled a piece of antique pottery to make use of the band.
I like the the square pottery on the round silver.
Sometimes the pottery pieces can be tricky to work with.  It can chip easily and the pieces are sometimes rounded from the plate or bowl they have come from.
Be sure and check out all the jewelry artists that are participating in this blog carnival.
Here is a list of them:

Marcie Abney –
Joanne Harrill –
Thomasin Durgin –
Amy Nicole –
Janice –
Aleksandra Micic –
Lana Chu –
Evelyn Markasky –
Kerry Alice-Twigs and Heather –
Lorena Angulo-
Kate Jones–
Maria Apostolou-
Sarah Small –
Rebecca Bogan –
Elaine Luther –
Rebekah Timlin Meddles –
Laura M (Zoeowyn) –
Kimberly (bahamadawn) –
Erin Austin –
Catherine Witherell –
Michele Grady-
Joan Furilla –
Kathryn Cole- 

and Christmas in June continues…….

Today I am here to show you two more of my swap presents.
This one came is this beautiful box…..
and inside of this box was this…….
Look at all that yummy goodness!!!!!  This package was from the Potholder Pass on Flickr, and my secret partner was Michele.  Check out her blog here.
Michele is from Canada and along with those beautiful potholders……
(above is the front and below is the back, or vice versa! – both sides are so amazing!)
I also got this bag with cute little crocheted flowers on it!
There were also 3 fat quarters very nicely labeled, a bundle of ric rac, and a handmade card.  She was right on track with the bright colors, and one of my favorite blocks is the snail’s trail, which is on one side of the potholders.   AND…crocheted flowers……eeeekkkkk!!
Michele sure knows how to put a package together!!  Thanks so much!!!
Another swap package I received yesterday was from a different potholder swap (yes there is a little bit of an addiction here), and this one came from Gerry.  This potholder swap was also a flickr swap called 2010 Great Potholder Swap.  If you click on the links you can see lots of great work.  In this swap we knew our partners and could communicate and share likes/dislikes etc…..
Go and check out Gerry’s blog as well, right here.
Here is the package from this swap……
Is it obvious that I like color – or what?!?!  This wonderful package had two potholders with houses and cats on BOTH sides, two very well made bags (who mentioned I have a bag fetish?), and funky card with parrots, and a notebook.   Take a look at both sides of these potholders…..
and then the other side is equally as cute and pretty…..
can you find the kitties on all four sides?  they are there on all sides…..adorable!!!!
Here is a close up of one of Gerry’s bags.
Both were embroidered with her business name, and both have breathable mesh fabric.  I think these bags will be perfect for boating and beaching!  Thanks so much Gerry!
I am still in awe at how unbelievably lucky with swap partners I have been!  What I am wondering is …….what am I going to do with these potholders that are too beautiful to be used?……… because I am one messy cook!!  Anyone got any ideas on how I can display them in my kitchen?
The third and final post will be tomorrow with the last 3 packages.
Hope you are having a great Saturday!

You could win a class & help me look for some patterns!

A fellow blogger and artist is having a giveaway on her blog for an online class, so I thought I would let you know about it!  It is Melanie Testa, the author of “Inspired to Quilt“.
She is having an online class over at in less than 2 weeks, and if you go to her blog and leave a comment then you may be a lucky winner!
The class is called “Let’s Exchange Some Art“, and will dive into techniques on decorating papers for ATC’s, decorating envelopes and lots of other techniques.  Go to and check out the class description and all the other online classes they offer.
Here are some pictures so you can see what to expect…..

Cool tags…….


Today I am madly rushing around, packing up envelopes to be shipped out, and trying to finish more work to send off to waiting swappers and customers.  Below are blocks for a 3.5 inch block swap I am in on flickr.  There are 15 of us in the group and each of us had to make a 3.5 inch block (for each person in the group) with a BBQ or Picnic theme.
What is a picnic without sunshine?

Glad I have these little sunny faces to look at today, because the sun is struggling to come out here.  Some of the other members have done cool  blocks like a hot dog, lemonade, and even a dog catching a Frisbee over a checkered picnic blanket.  Don’t worry when I receive my blocks you will see them here!
So while I was wondering what I would do with these blocks, one morning at 5am, I remembered some block patterns I had purchased in 1999!
They are Piece O Cake patterns called Pin Pals.  Unfortunately this is all I bought…..

Does anyone have any of these?  Maybe you know where I could find more?  HELP!
Let me know please……
Back to packing envelopes and sewing! Have a great day!