in His Grace: Favorites Party

in His Grace: Favorites Party

Go check out this cool blog by a great mosaic artist.  She is having a Favorite Friday post and you can see faves from lots of other bloggers!
Here are a *few* of my favorite things:

My Rescued Turtles.
Some of these guys (and gals) are bought at pet stores as small little creatures, and people don’t realize they can grow to 14 inches long.  So i take them and put them in my ponds.
My dogs and my quilts are top of this list for sure!!!
Trooper wanted to be in the photo shoot also!
Great food with friends and family!
Actually, I love food so much that it is a fave even if I am alone! 🙂
My collection of Blythe Dolls.  So now some of you are pretty surprised!
Agility with my heart dog “Sailor”
Crochet, which at times is not a fave because it is a challenge for me 🙂  but keep on hooking!
How could i forget my cats?!?!! Especially the ones that are really impressed with their picture being taken, like Doodle below!
My garden (minus the million frogs that live in it!!)
And……my new adventures in jewelry creation, silversmithing and flame working!
Hope you enjoyed that!

other stuff i’d like to call a hobby

i have been trying and trying to crochet for 20-some years…….it finally clicked….YAY!!!! but i am addicted to granny squares, so i have made various patterns but was very addicted when i found this hexagon pattern on Attic24‘s blog. i say i’d like to call this a hobby because i wont be selling my crochet…….it takes too long, i love it too much …….so its mine….all mine!!!! this piece started out as a table runner, but i love making these hexes so much that i am going to make an afghan size.