Copper Component Blog Hop

Happy Saturday everyone!
I am participating in Kristi Bowman’s Copper Component Blog Hop Challenge. I was so excited to be a part of this because I love the focals Kristi makes from copper clay.
When I received my Sea Urchin focal I held it up to my glass rods to see which colors I should make beads from to go with it.
The pink and green jumped out at me.
I just love the opalescence of this focal. It reminds me of some real shells from the ocean.
I made one pretty huge mistake…….can you see it?
I made my headpins on fine silver wire instead of copper. I am so accustomed to using silver and copper in my work and I always make my headpins on silver.
Hope it is not too obvious. I just may have to change those.
I made a variety of pink, green and clear beads to enhance the focal.
I also added a layer of copper chain to hang next to the row of glass beads.
I wanted the beads to be pretty and stand on their without taking away from the focal and compliment the focal at the same time.
Those beads had a lot of work to do!!
This was a fun challenge!
Please be sure to go and check out what the other participants made. They are listed below. You wont be disappointed! Have a great weekend!
Kimberly Sturrup {you are here}
Lana Kinney (will share on Kristi’s blog)

Etsy & Swirls!!!! I finally did it!

I finally did it!!!!
Several months ago I created an etsy account, with the intention of opening an etsy store, as another way to market and sell my work.  After opening the account I just kept putting off actually posting goodies to the store and making the store public.
Right now I only have 2 items there….for several reasons……
1. Every picture has to be re-sized and that for some reason is taking me FOREVER!!!
2. I have quite a bit of jewelry to post, which I need to sell, but I want to keep it all……..not sure what to do about that problem.
So stay tuned and keep checking out my etsy store, and I WILL get new stuff in there.
Another accomplishment I made this week was making a swirl on a glass bead!!!
I was over the moon!   Just because I made a few doesn’t mean I am a pro at them now either……gotta find that *perfect* part of the flame for every, single one and sometimes I mess that up.
It’s pieces of jewelry like the above photo that I can’t let go of.
I stamped “Keep Calm” on the front.  There is also a row of silver chain, czech beads, a blue glass bead of mine, a hanging fuchsia crystal and a silver toggle on the rest of the bracelet.
The inside of the bracelet says “and carry on”.
That is one of my favorite sayings, (“keep calm and carry on”) and I have to remind my self of this often…like when I am trying to put delicate swirls on glass beads!