I Did It!!!!

Ever since I have been working on these bangles I have been trying to add little raised designs to them.
I was not going to give up……so I asked a friend’s advice and that didn’t work out exactly, but it lead me to another idea, and I finally got the little doo-dads to stay soldered on!!!
I was over the moon!!!!
“Live Love Laugh”
There is a flower pendant and a coral colored crystal hanging from the side.
And each end has a little scroll design like you see in the above picture.
I wanted to wait ’til I had more inventory to show more jewelry, but I am so excited I got this to work that I couldn’t wait.
It turned out to be a muggy day here, so the pictures aren’t the best, but if you click on them for a larger version they will be clearer.

Potcake Jewelry

For almost a year now I have been playing around with metal stamping.  I do dog tags for our local humane society, Friends of Abaco Animals.
I have also done necklace charms, but the last few weeks I have been doing some bangles and bracelets, in an effort to build up some inventory.
“Potcake Love”
For those of you that don’t know, “Potcakes” are the local mutt of the Bahamas.  Since I do animal rescue work I have a few of them.
The name came from the cake (the burnt rice) that was on the bottom of the pot when a local dish, peas and rice, was cooked and then thrown out for the dogs to eat…..get it?….POTCAKE!!
They are great dogs and are extremely smart.
The bangle above I made for myself so of course it is my favorite.  It is really difficult to photograph jewelry so I am not sure if you can tell there is a heart charm and a blue crystal hanging from the bangle as well.  If you click on the picture you can see a larger view.
Anyway…back to work to build up that inventory…….