Creative Project #25 ~ da market!

As I told you yesterday, today was a day of tying up lose ends.  Gathering show supplies, packaging items, and doing all those last minute things.  I feel like I am prepared and that scares me so far in advance…..I NEVER feel this way the night before any type of show.
My friend, Amy, and I will have some vegan yummies for sale tomorrow in our tent along with our humane society shirts and bags, and I will have a small selection of my handmade things.
After I got the kiln running this morning, I started making labels for my vegan food.
“H” for Hummus!
Tags for *cheese*cakes…vegan of course 🙂
Yummies labeled and tied.  
Amy will have *N*ice Cream ~ homemade vegan ice cream which is delicious.
I also managed to get some more bags sewn.  These bags are really trying my patience.  The slippery material has a mind of its own under the presser foot!
I really like the shape and size of the dog food bags!  I’d wear the short, wide one on the left as a purse…..but that is artsy, fartsy me 🙂
Now if that kiln would hurry up and cool down I would really be ready!
Hope all of you close by will be at Da Market in the morning….9am til 1pm.
Have a great weekend!

Creative Project #18 ~ from the kitchen to the sewing room

Today has been a crazy-busy day.  I started out baking some banana bread for a Humane Society Fundraiser.
While that baked I worked on some more asterisk blocks.  An idea for a set of placemats popped into my head with the asterisk flowers all over them, i made some smaller blocks, but i need to figure out some other design elements of the placemats so that is on the design board for now.  
Problem was I was antsy to finish making *SOMETHING* with one of these blocks that I am so addicted to making.  This little bag was born……
It is the perfect fit for my iphone and ipod.
The back is made up of scrappy greens.
These will be a new item at my next show and will be perfect embellished with my ceramic or glass buttons.
While I was finishing up this little bag I had a loaf of whole wheat bread in the oven.

My oven has been on over time today, because as I type this post I have these (vegan) stuffed cabbage rolls in the oven!

It has been a hectic week and tomorrow will be a hectic day.  I head over to Man-O-War to help with out my Humane Society’s table at the flea market.  I hope to find some new plates to add to my collection!
Have a great weekend!

Creative Project #6 for February….you’ll never believe what i found!!!

Today the task of emptying out the upstairs attic continued.  I found some wonderful treasures I had forgotten about.   A few (more) quilts I had started that had been packed away, my grandmother’s sewing machine and some fabric that I had silk screened myself when I was about 13!!
I have been so fortunate to have had some awesome teachers along my artistic journey.  From high school right through college.  One of them was my high school art teacher, Bill Mangan.  For summer school Mr Mangan would offer a silk screening class and I signed up for it several summers in a row.
Today I found the first silk screening project that I did in that class.  A set of place mats and napkin (that need to be finished). *Sturrup* is my maiden name.
I need to get these finished for my mom.  The printing on the napkins isn’t the greatest but not bad for a first try!
Then I came across this musical fabric I had printed which I had TOTALLY forgotten about.
There is some slight yellowing on a small portion, but other than that it is perfect.
I had an order for a small bag made with a musical theme so I decided to use a piece of this for it.
I was involved in music when I was younger and have played the piano, the flute, the recorder (what kid doesn’t play the recorder?  I think it is a pre-requisite to get out of 3rd grade!) and the guitar.
I think the person who it is for will appreciate it.
My pictures are not the greatest today.  When I decided to go outside and take the pictures it started to rain!
So there is my creation for the 6th day of February!  I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge to do something creative everyday for the month of February.  It is doing what I had hoped, and keeping that creative adrenaline rush going.
I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Creative Project #1 for February

In my last post I told you I had joined a new group, called *Create!* A Project a Day – February*, on Flickr and the challenge was to create something everyday for the month of February.  I had three ideas this morning…..a bag pattern from Fat Quarterly Magazine, an apron pattern from the same magazine, or some crocheted jar covers.
The bag won!
If you didn’t already know, I have a bag fetish!  So I should have known the bag would be first.  The pattern is by Monika Wintermantel.  She is a flickr friend and I have admired her work for a long time!  Check out her blog also, she does some amazing work!
This is the front of the bag.  I basically followed the pattern for the this side.  For the back I added my own touch…..
As well as some ceramic buttons that I made.
I am hoping this group keeps my inspiration in full gear since I have some upcoming shows to work towards and I have had a blast the last few weeks creating new items for the last show.
I’ll be back tomorrow with a new creation!


I am on high speed right now with my work.  My imagination is on over drive.  This always happens when I have a show on the horizon.  I wish I could stay this motivated all year!
I got it in my head to re-paint a table that I had… I need something else to do!  
This table was painted for a special order, I  packed it up and shipped it to a show where the customers were supposed to pick it up and pay me for it….well they changed their mind!  Lesson learned….get your money up front!
The table looked similar to this one, but not exactly:
After I attacked it with the sander and some primer this morning it looks like this:
I have a birdie design in my head……we’ll see what happens after lunch!
At the same time I am also painting another chair for the auction, “Take a Seat for Conservation”.  This one is going to be pretty funky….with a mermaid….but not all painted…..can you guess what I have in mind?
Then of course, since my creative juices are flowing, I had to be a little distracted and sew some cute little bags that were in the Cloth Paper Scissors Gift 2010 issue.
The pattern is by Jennifer from Jangles.
I used the little houses from my fabric fritters for this one.  Been wanting to make some of these since before Christmas and finally did it!
Okay….going to grab lunch and get back to painting!
Have a great weekend!

A Little Something New

Still busy, busy, busy trying to create a good bit of inventory, but I thought I’d do a quick post to show you another new item.
Been so inspired by the artwork I have seen lately using felt and embroidery.
I don’t think I have embroidered since grade school!
Added some sequins just because that is one classy owl, and did some leafy-stippled quilting.
This little bag is perfect for grabbing your keys, money and phone and zipping out the door.  It even has a wrist loop so it can be with you all the time.
Bottom has a slightly flattened bottom so it can sit all by itself.
Bye for now…… I am off to finish doing one million things all at the same time 🙂