Vote for the next Paint & SipSip Class!

I need a little help deciding which design to teach for the next Paint & SipSip Class.  If you head over to my Facebook page you will find an album with nine designs.  Vote for your favorites with the *Like* button.

If you can gather a group of six, or more, then you can pick your own design for your own private paint and sip also!

My Placemat Obsession!

Who doesn’t love a fun place setting when enjoying a meal?  I got really hooked on placemats several years ago, when I was doing a lot of Flickr swaps.  I did potholder swaps, mini quilt swaps, placemat swaps……you name it!  It kept my creativity flowing and, in turn, I received some awesome items in return.  The placemats really got me!  I have even taught placemat classes, because I think everyone should have fun placemats!

Here are just some of my collection…..


 One of my plans for the upcoming class schedule is to do a series of placemat classes.  They can even be made into wall hangings, or save them all and make a quilt.  The purpose of the class would be to learn a bunch of different techniques, get really good at your machine quilting, and perfect that binding, which so many of us hate to do.


One of the many techniques will be batiking fabric.  I have been wanting to teach a batik class for a long time now.  The logistics just were not working out, and I really did not want to be the one laundering all your batiked fabrics.  My washer and dryer have enough of a strain with the fabrics I make for my own pieces.  After much deliberation I have come up with a way that you can do smaller pieces of fabric, and still learn the batik process.


Hope to see you in class!


I am putting the final touches on the class schedule.  There are some fun class coming up! Glass, pottery, painting, fabric dyeing, just to name a few. Enjoy some creative time, make something special to keep for yourself or to give as a gift!

Send me your email address to be the first to receive the schedule, or check out the *CLASSES & WORKSHOPS* tab at the top of this page.

Let’s Get Creative!

Catch up with friends over drinks and snacks while getting creative.  Does that sound like a fun evening?

Over the last couple years I have hosted several Pottery Painting nights, and I am extending that to offer a painting class.  Scheduled nights will be in my studio, but if you are having a private party, or event, I can accommodate you at your place.

The Starfish painting will be the first painting class.  Make sure you are on the newsletter email list so you are the first to know the details of this class.

How many of you have Pinterest accounts with thousands of pins.  Pins of projects you want to do one day, but can never find the time, or all of the supplies to do it.  I am going to help you with that.  I have designed several Pinterest inspired project classes.  The first one is this Friday night!  All you have to do is show up.  Tools, supplies, food and drink will be provided and included in the cost.

The chalkboard above is the project for this Friday night.  There will be several of these classes scheduled between now and Christmas.  Come out and make something for yourself or as a gift.

Come join us and get creative!


This Saturday is the Earth Day Extravaganza, at Pete’s Pub in Little Harbour.  The event runs from 11 am until 7 pm.

There will be kid’s activities, artists selling their creations, and delicious Pub food.  I will also be demonstrating my glass bead making using bottles that would have normally been thrown in the trash. Below are some earrings and pendants that were made using glass bottles.

It is going to be a fun day! You do not want to miss it!

Bahama Mamas

My season is coming to a close, and I am looking forward to having some free time to work on some new ideas.  I get very inspired while I am doing shows, and always am bursting at the seams with new ideas.  Sometimes I will take a little time and work on something new, just to keep my sanity, during my busiest time.  It is amazing how therapeutic it is to create something without a deadline looming over your head.

Someone gave me some scrap wood, which I thought I would turn it into a fancier sign.  They got really fancy and turned into paintings!


I am really loving working on the Bahama Mamas again, and have lots of new ideas for them.  Below are some of the first quilts I made with mamas.


I am still fiddling with a glass Bahama Mama.  She is just not quite where I want her to be yet in glass.

Have a creative week!

Octopus Pottery Set ~ Special Price

A few weeks ago I made this octopus pottery set as a special order.  Since its completion the customer seems to have disappeared, or changed their mind.  So I am going to offer the set at a discounted price, if anyone is interested. {Note to self ~ get payment for special orders}

The dessert/bread plates are normally $25 each, and the dessert/salad bowls are normally $35 each.  That would be a total of $240 for all the pieces at regular price.  I am offering it 25% less than the regular price, so the set can be purchased for $180.

All pieces are hand painted, and are food and dishwasher safe.  Contact me for further questions, or to view the pieces.

Have a creative week!