Art Elements Seed Pod Challenge

A few years back I was very involved in swaps and challenges on Flickr. Unfortunately many of those groups do not exsist anymore, and I was seeking some type of challenge to inspire me and make me work outside my comfort zone.  I found the Art Elements group, which has a different theme every month for a challenge. What is great for me about this is that they welcome any medium!  You all know how I toggle back and forth between mediums, sometimes daily.

This month the challenge was seed pods. I would have never picked this element to work with in my work, but there was my challenge. My creative brain went in so many different directions with this theme, but when I started making simple sketches of the local seed pods I had collected, I knew I wanted a simple design. This decision led me to my block printing supplies.


I picked out a couple of my favorite sketches and started making some hand carved stamps and prints.


I started making black prints and really liked the simplicity of them. I did a couple variations, and added some turquoise. I have a hard time staying away from blue!


Then I took these fabric prints and decided to turn a couple into quilted wall hangings.


Ultimately my final piece was this print. I am really pleased with how this turned out. I used my hand dyed fabrics for the binding and backing. I am sure I will be making more fabric from these block stamps!


This was just the inspiration and the challenge I needed to think outside the box with medium, color, style and theme.

Go to and check out all of the other artists seed pod challenge results!

 I am looking forward to next months challenge!


Guest Artists:














Art Elements Team:











19 thoughts on “Art Elements Seed Pod Challenge

  1. I love your carved stamps, but then you created a fabric stitched piece with them. That is so cool! I love it! And I’m so glad you enjoy participating in the theme challenges, especially as it lets people experiment in any medium they want. I think it really helps creativity when artists get to play more 🙂

  2. Oh wow!! so glad you found the group because we would have missed seeing this if you hadn’t! I love the stamps and the finished quilted piece is just fabulous 😀

  3. I love stamping and I love the wonderful stamp art you created. The pod design looks great on the fabric. The stitching really adds to it. Have fun with your new stamp!

  4. I already love your carved stamps, but your tiny art quilt is so cool and wonderful! I love the organic vibe with the more abstract design! Also how you balanced the pattern and added the design again just with stitched shadow lines…. just love! 🙂

  5. Your carved stamp is charming and I love how you then used it in a quilted piece such a great design and the colours are stunning!

  6. From sketching to making stamps, to stamping fabric and creating a stitched piece and I love it! This is exactly what I like about this challenge – I make jewelry only but enjoy reading the posts about other media!

  7. I love printing – so you had me hooked there – but the detail where you have quilted the pod and seeds in the negative space on the plain fabric? That is exquisite. I love this journey you have taken this month and hope you join us again!

  8. An absolutely wonderful quilt piece. And made from your own handmade stamp makes it more special and extra-personal. Oh, what you said about finding the AE group is exactly what I felt back in April when I started the challenges.

  9. What a cool idea! I love your final piece using your stamps! If you’re ever looking for another design challenge open to all media, check out the monthly Honey Do List challenge that my husband gives us over on my blog: We’re taking August off due to some travel, but my husband will be giving us our next photo prompt on September 1st.

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