Let’s Get Creative!

Catch up with friends over drinks and snacks while getting creative.  Does that sound like a fun evening?

Over the last couple years I have hosted several Pottery Painting nights, and I am extending that to offer a painting class.  Scheduled nights will be in my studio, but if you are having a private party, or event, I can accommodate you at your place.

The Starfish painting will be the first painting class.  Make sure you are on the newsletter email list so you are the first to know the details of this class.

How many of you have Pinterest accounts with thousands of pins.  Pins of projects you want to do one day, but can never find the time, or all of the supplies to do it.  I am going to help you with that.  I have designed several Pinterest inspired project classes.  The first one is this Friday night!  All you have to do is show up.  Tools, supplies, food and drink will be provided and included in the cost.

The chalkboard above is the project for this Friday night.  There will be several of these classes scheduled between now and Christmas.  Come out and make something for yourself or as a gift.

Come join us and get creative!

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