Bahama Mamas

My season is coming to a close, and I am looking forward to having some free time to work on some new ideas.  I get very inspired while I am doing shows, and always am bursting at the seams with new ideas.  Sometimes I will take a little time and work on something new, just to keep my sanity, during my busiest time.  It is amazing how therapeutic it is to create something without a deadline looming over your head.

Someone gave me some scrap wood, which I thought I would turn it into a fancier sign.  They got really fancy and turned into paintings!


I am really loving working on the Bahama Mamas again, and have lots of new ideas for them.  Below are some of the first quilts I made with mamas.


I am still fiddling with a glass Bahama Mama.  She is just not quite where I want her to be yet in glass.

Have a creative week!

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