Glass on the Move!!!

Happy Holidays!

Dreams really do come true!!  Over a year ago I had the idea to do a mobile glass studio.  Something I could take to shows so my customers could see how I make my glass pieces, because usually when I stand at shows and say “I make all my glass pieces”, most people look at me like I have three heads.  I have also found that when I have had the chance to demonstrate how I make glass pieces, that I sell a lot more.

The original plan was to build the studio from scratch.  That was supposed to begin this past summer, but my husband and I were busy with work all summer and it never happened.  I knew about this mobile shop that wasn’t being used, and I had asked about it on several occasions, but was always told the owners were not interested in selling.  I thought I would ask one last time at the end of October, and they were ready to sell!!!!

On November 1st I purchased my gypsy caravan to be the Bahama Dawn Art Glass Mobile Studio!


Here she is making her trip home.  First she was a food truck, then a souvenir shop and now she will be a mobile studio!  She is completely outfitted with electrical, outside lights, even roof ventilation!  She just needed a little TLC and some paint to be revived.


(Above: a before shot!)

Before her first showing, at Island Marketplace in Treasure Cay last weekend, we were able to get painting done, my work bench installed and some painting done.  Eventually I plan to have two work stations for students to try out the process, and have some beads to put on a bracelet.

(Below: an after shot, but still a lot of work to do!)


She is nowhere near completion just yet.  As you can see, I had to pull out some old paintings just to make it look colorful and cover some areas that have not been addressed yet.

Shelving needs to be put in, my kiln and glass rack need to be installed, and to the far right a larger bench for the student work stations needs to be built.  We will get there, and for now she is serving her main purpose which is allowing me to demonstrate.


Hope to see you at a show sometime soon!

There have been a few changes to my show schedule also.  The Holiday Show at Pete’s Pub has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 17th.  The Open House at Bahama Dawn has been postponed until the new year, probably sometime in February.

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