New Additions to the Studio

I always take the summer to refresh the studio.  Make improvements, change things, freshen up the place etc..  Well this summer  we lost four dogs and a cat from our household.  Most of my summer was spent tending to sick animals and then mourning for them, which I am still in the process of doing.  This put me way behind with things I wanted to get done, but one thing that was really, really getting to me were the UGLY stairs leading to the classroom….


YUCK! Something had to be done, but over the years I just couldn’t make a decision on WHAT to do.  I had a head full of ideas and could not just pick one.  After much Pinterest searching inspiration hit me…..


Much improved I think! Bright, fun and hopefully inspiring to my creative students!  Creating and installing these steps was great therapy for me as well.  I could not have done it without my amazing husband’s wonderful carpentry skills!  He is very patient with my wild ideas…..THANKS T!!


Of course I had to leave an inspirational message….for me and everyone else that climbs these steps.

Amazing things WILL happen.


I painted the background of the toe kick with the colors that are in the bathroom and classroom, then I just painted images that I love over the top.  Over the next few weeks I will show you other changes and improvements that were made.

Come visit the studio and classroom and see them for yourself!

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