Years ago {like maybe 8} I was a sign painting fanatic!  I LOVED it and I am not really sure why I stopped.  We had some scrap wood lying around the house that was the perfect size and I had some new sign ideas in my head, so I’ve become a sign-painting-fanatic again!

Here are just a few that are ready.  I will have a bunch more finished by the end of the week.


Now that the paints are out and I have a paint brush in my hand, nothing is safe…..


In the above picture is a mermaid sign that I started when I had a retail shop space.  I never got to finish it and now have this burning desire to finish it and hang it in my pottery studio.  I also have a bunch of antique house shutters that have been stored away.  They will soon have some fresh paint, a mermaid, an octopus or who knows what, on them!


Speaking of painting…….this Friday is a pottery painting session at the studio, around happy hour, for ladies.  They will get to paint either a mug, wine glass, beer goblet or margarita glass.  It is going to be FUN!

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