Classes Have Officially Started for 2015!

Yesterday the Happy New Year Class took place in the studio!  This was a free class I offered to people who had been to a class before, as a *THANK YOU* for supporting me and participating in classes.  The project is always a surprise, until class begins!  Yesterday we made turtle pincushions!

They were all so adorable!


Turtle Pincushions, made by students

For this class I also serve lunch and dessert!  Yesterday we had chili, focaccia and banana chocolate chip muffins.

Everyone worked hard for most of the morning, then we took a break to eat and then got back to making the turtles come to life!


Hard at work birthing their turtles!

It feels so good to be back teaching, after a break.  I am excited about the class line up for the next 5 months….fun, fun stuff!

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