Just HAD to Share!

In a few days I will reveal all my pumpkin creations, but when I opened the kiln this morning I feel head over heals in love with a few pieces, so I am just going to have to share them with you!  Opening that kiln after many hours of firing NEVER gets old.  It’s just like Christmas morning every time!


Ceramic Jewelry Components

First, here are some new jewelry components, and of course some of them had to be pumpkins!

But…..the real excitement came when I saw these…..


Pumpkin Spoons

PUMPKIN SPOONS!!!!  Completely hand formed by me!  I haven’t done much hand forming since college, which was far too long ago to mention!  Since then most of my ceramic pieces have been from molds, but I am excited to get back to hand building and throwing on the wheel.  Even the smell of the clay and glaze makes me happy!


Small Pumpkin Spoon for sauces or dips

I will have these, and hopefully a few more (if time and BEC permit) at Da Market on Saturday!


Larger Pumpkin Serving Spoon

The great thing about pumpkins is they are great to use from Halloween to Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I have got to get back out to the pottery cottage and make some more SPOONS!!!

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