Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

If any of you know me, or have been following me online, you will know that I am totally OBSESSED with pumpkins!  The season to decorate with pumpkins {Halloween and Thanksgiving} just doesn’t last long enough for me!

I am in the process of designing some of my own pumpkin pieces {quilts, placemats, beads, plates}, but while I wait for those to be finished I found some really cool patterns online that I used.  Check out my versions in the pictures below.

Pumpkin pincushions!

pumpkin pins

For the pincushions I made some glass head pins with a pumpkin-fall theme.


A Jack O Lantern Wall Hanging which uses paper piecing.


Click on the links to make some pumpkins items for yourself!  In the meantime I will get back to designing and finishing my own pumpkin creations!

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