Welcome Back Class Was A Blast!

Yesterday was the first class for Fall 2014, at Bahama Dawn Studios, and I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves!  Ladies came to class not knowing what project they were going to make.  They only had to bring their sewing machine and thread.  The project I had created for them was a quilted notebook cover.


Happy Quilters

They learned the Quilt As You Go method; most learned how to put in a zipper for the first time; one lady used a sewing machine for the first time and successfully completed the project!!

notepad covers

Beautiful notepad covers

For their notepad covers I gifted them with one of my handmade buttons, either glass or ceramic.  Also included in their little gift packet was a set of quilting pins with one of my glass creations as the topper.

glass pins

Hand crafted quilting pins with glass topper

Here are some closeups of their quilted notepad covers….


Zippered pouch on notepad cover


Pouch folds over to protect notepad

Thank you to those that came and joined in the creative fun!

Next week “Fun with Machine Quilting & Binding” starts, there is only one space left!

Hope to see you there!

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