New Inspiration!

Over the last few weeks I have been working on ideas for new classes and writing lesson plans.  I am having so much fun, and am really excited about some of the new classes.  One of the first classes I plan to offer in the Fall is a Machine Quilting and Binding Class.  As I was working on exercises for this class I had a new idea for my work, and just had to stop and try it out.

All of the words in the quilted piece below are done with stitching that also doubles as quilting!  I love putting words and sayings on items that I make and I am so glad this technique worked out for me.  It will not be included in the machine quilting class, but after practice, it is where you can take your machine quilting skills!


Lots and lots of quilting on this piece!

    I even added little bursts of color behind the quilting stitches that make up the flowers and leaves on the border.


Detail of stitching and added color

I think I will make this piece into a journal cover, and I can’t wait to try out this technique on other items, but first back to class planning!

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