Fall Prepping

I get really excited about fall, even though we don’t get a drastic change of season or changing leaves in the Bahamas.  I L.O.V.E. Halloween, pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving and all of these lead up to Christmas.
This fall I have signed up for an art show the week before Thanksgiving called Jollification.  I did Jollification for many, many years then took a few years off.
I am already getting stock made for the show, as well as trying out some new things.
Here is one new item, leather cuffs made from recycled belts and bags.

The one on the left I used the original buckle from the belt, on the other I added a snap.

This one above has *BLOOM* etched on copper and then riveted onto the cuff.

For the flower cuff I made the flower from sheet metal, forged and soldered it, then added the blue glass gem to the middle.

I love to decorate for Fall and Halloween so I have started a few projects just for me.
One is the hexagon table runner below.

I have some more hexes to prep before I can sew it all together.  Hoping to finish this tomorrow, when I need to take a break from *real* work.
How are you getting ready for Fall?

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