My Bracelet Fetish

I know I have been doing a lot of posting about food.  I have been creating jewelry and quilts, but just can never get around to taking pictures, posting pictures and updating my website!
Bracelets are the *in* thing right now, especially lots and lots of them worn in sets.
One style that is hot is the wrapped bracelet.  So I did some online searches for some tutorials.
The one I liked best was from The Bead Shop.
It is called the Herringbone Wrap Bracelet.
I didn’t have all of the exact materials, so I used what I had on hand.

The lampworked flower that I used for the button closure is one that Cassie Donlen taught me how to make when she was in Abaco last November.

This bracelet was supposed to be a 5 wrap, but I ran out of beading thread, so I had to stop at 4 wraps.  It is a fun bracelet to make, but can be tedious, so I will be keeping this one for me.  Perhaps if I decide to sell them, in the future, I will keep them at 2 wraps!

The other bracelet that I have finished recently was one that I found a tutorial on from Fusion Beads.

They call it *Flower Garden* Bracelet.
Again, I changed a few things.  The original pattern said to join everything with jump rings. I, personally, do not like joining with jump rings unless i can solder them closed.  So I made up the links with a combination of my glass headpins {the heart, the green & and the pink with white dots}, & the flowered headpins (from Fusions Beads).

I used a Butterfly Toggle that I already had on hand, and I am calling my bracelet, “Butterfly Garden”.

So there is a bit of what I have been up to.  Hopefully I will soon get some more pictures taken of new work.  I also have some metal bangles in the works that I cannot wait to finish.
Back to work for me!

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