Copper Component Blog Hop

Happy Saturday everyone!
I am participating in Kristi Bowman’s Copper Component Blog Hop Challenge. I was so excited to be a part of this because I love the focals Kristi makes from copper clay.
When I received my Sea Urchin focal I held it up to my glass rods to see which colors I should make beads from to go with it.
The pink and green jumped out at me.
I just love the opalescence of this focal. It reminds me of some real shells from the ocean.
I made one pretty huge mistake…….can you see it?
I made my headpins on fine silver wire instead of copper. I am so accustomed to using silver and copper in my work and I always make my headpins on silver.
Hope it is not too obvious. I just may have to change those.
I made a variety of pink, green and clear beads to enhance the focal.
I also added a layer of copper chain to hang next to the row of glass beads.
I wanted the beads to be pretty and stand on their without taking away from the focal and compliment the focal at the same time.
Those beads had a lot of work to do!!
This was a fun challenge!
Please be sure to go and check out what the other participants made. They are listed below. You wont be disappointed! Have a great weekend!
Kimberly Sturrup {you are here}
Lana Kinney (will share on Kristi’s blog)

20 thoughts on “Copper Component Blog Hop

  1. Very cool! I don't know if your copper piece just had more pinks and greens to it or if your beads make me see the pinks and greens better or what, but those beads work just perfectly with that copper! It's awesome how you were able to match those colors so exactly. I like the added chain too.

  2. I would not have thought of these colors with the copper–but they are brilliant! I just love your bracelet!
    Mixed metals are very “in” now, so I would worry about having used sterling head pins.

  3. Kim, your bracelet is beautiful! I see why you selected the colors of lampwork to bring out that shine in the patina on the focal…I was polishing mine up and almost rubbed it all off! 😦 I like the clasp as well – and never even noticed the silver head pins. Beautiful work!

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