What I Have Been Up To…….

I am sure in my last post I was telling you that I was getting ready for an art show…..

I used old frames, spray painted them black, for jewelry displays.

Had a quilt to make, as a donation to the Bahamas National Trust, for a raffle.

The art show ran for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and was a great success!
It was the first time I really had a big selection of jewelry.  My sales were great and I got a lot of compliments.
Of course any show is a lot more fun when you are surrounded by friends.  These friends were my show neighbours and we had a great time.

I still haven’t had a chance to upload the photos of my booth.  I *borrowed* these few photos from one of facebook friends 🙂
Be sure to check out my blog for the month of February.  I am going to be posting and selling some cute heart items, and giving a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.

See you tomorrow!

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