Bead Table Wednesday ~ i {heart} copper

Happy Bead Table Wednesday!
It is sad how long it has been since I have done a BTW post. I could have been doing them, because my bead table has been a very active place….but…..anyhoo…..I am back this week at least 🙂
I am getting ready for a show next week, so I have been working on some new components.
In this last post about the Woodland Necklace, I discovered how much I love copper……all on it’s own. Since then I have been cutting and hammering and forging and soldering away with copper.  I just love all the colors copper turns under the heat from the torch!
Here is what was on my table today…..

These, very organic copper flowers, for some reason, were very difficult to clean after oxidizing them…..not sure what I did!  My fingers were black!

I have been experimenting with Shannon LeVart’s tutorial, called Turning Leaves, which you can purchase on Etsy. It is a great tutorial which will lead you step by step through creating mixed media leaves. Again, I used copper!  Fun! Fun! Fun!

I’ve also been playing with PMC Clay some more and need to turn these components into some finished pieces of jewelry.

Well, that’s all I got for now.
Back to creating……..

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