Over the last few months I have been experimenting with some new materials, trying out new ideas, taking some online classes.
I am not doing any Fall shows like I normally do.  Instead I thought I would have an open house in December with lots of new items.
Here are some sneak peeks from classes I have taken and some new products I have tried out.
This heart charm was from an online class I took at Beaducation, in PMC. 
I had worked with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) before but hadn’t really pushed myself to make anything like this.  It is 2 hearts joined with copper spacers and brass hex nuts, then riveted.

The class gave me a lot of confidence with the PMC and some great ideas for new pieces.
I put the piece in Liver of Sulphur to age it, and then was sorry I did since before that the metals were bright and there was a lot more contrast.
I am still happy with it!

I have also been playing around with some enameling.

Those are some of the first beads I made.  I am using Barbara Lewis‘ kit and book, “Painting with Fire”  and it has been very helpful.
Yesterday I got into a bit of an earring making spell.
Here are two pairs….I cant show you everything….need to save some for the open house!

I love the enamel earrings, below.  They remind me of the ocean.

I’ll pop back in soon to show you some more experiments and some new things!
Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Experimenting……

  1. Hi Kim, sorry it's been so long since i've been in touch..so much has been going on..all summer long i had a 3or4 day festival every weekend..then running Jack to physio 3 days a week..trying to make stuff when everything i make i made by me except most of the components its hard to keep up with the schedule… then several weeks ago i found out my estranged mom has cancer she has no one so i have been traveling back and forth 3 hrs to take her to medical appointments….i can't even remember if i sent you a note to thanks you for the lovely things you sent me..if i forgot i am sorry…idk you got anything from me? it seems something funny is going on with either my post office or customs because it seems many things i have sent out never reached there destination…i'm beginning to wonder if someone at my little post office has sticky fingers :P… it's nice t get back to see what everyone has been up to i missed blogging so much…i just ordered the torch enamal kit from Barbara too i hope i can teach myself i have the book coming too. well it's nice to talk to you please let me know if you got your package…i have a list of things to re-send out and i am going to a different post office to see if it make a difference!
    Happy Monday ttfn Lana 🙂

  2. I have tried PMC too and agree it's wonderful. I love your heart…and the riveting. I 'm following your blog now and look forward to seeing more of your work

  3. That is such a lovely pendant, and beautifully made.
    Could you send me your email address for the Oak Leaf Challenge please? My address is info (at) daisychainjewellery.co.uk

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