Happy Paint Party Friday!!

I cant believe it is Paint Party Friday again!
I have had so much fun this week in my online classes, learning new techniques, having artist breakthroughs and enjoying a wonderful community of artists.
I mentioned in another Paint Party Friday post that I was working on some mixed media pieces.  I had done a  series of mixed media pieces a few years back and really enjoyed the process of them.  Then, a little while ago, I came across Christy Tomlinson’s e-class called She Art and thought I would join it to learn some new techniques and get back into the mixed media groove.
Here is one of my completed pieces from this class.
I just love the mixed media process.  It stops me from worrying about what the final product will look like because there is to telling how it will turn out.
The message on the front says “she loved everyday”, then on the side I painted “you are here for joy and delight of your soul”.  I just love that saying…..joy & delight…..who cant say those words without smiling?  And if that is your focus…..JOY & DELIGHT…..you have to love every minute of everyday.
I didn’t even plan the letters on her face, “God’s child”, they just happened to be on the page of the old book that I cut from, and I didn’t notice until I had glued her face onto the canvas.  It is just awesome how mixed media’s just work themselves out.  My little inner critic didn’t even bother me while I was working on this piece, he sat quietly on the side and left me alone while I enjoyed the entire process.

I have been doing Morning Pages, off and on, for a few months now.  (You can read more about them here, at the Artist’s Way).  At first they weren’t working for me, but then I started doing some art journaling first, and then the written pages just started flowing.
This is one of my pages from this week.
The art pages are supposed to be a quick art piece done without thinking about it.  Just a way to let it all out…..all that garbage we keep as artists in our mind.
Be sure and check out what my artist friends are doing over at Paint Party Friday also!
Hope everyone has had a great week!
Remember to fill everyday with JOY & DELIGHT!

28 thoughts on “Happy Paint Party Friday!!

  1. Hi Kim, wow you just amaze me every time i chck in with you wow and those word on the girls face gave me goose bumps. The two words “Joy & Delight” are going in my journal of inspiratioal quotes and words for my personal hand stamping collection for sure.

    You have a wonderful weekend my dear take care ttfn Lana:)

  2. Your “she Art” piece came out really well. I like mixed media for the same reasons. Artist Way is a great book. I used to do morning pages many years ago. I also love the saying you wrote on the side of your canvas. So very true. Have a wonderful joyful day!! Happy PPF. 🙂

  3. this is gorgeous! i love it and i love the idea that you have to go with the flow as to how it will turn out! i also love the idea of art pages where you draw without thinking. your wee bird scene is lovely. i'd like to try this.

  4. Looks like your course has really got the creative juices flowing love this lots and the face (happy accident indeed) it looks fab and I love the journal page so bright & Cherie

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Lovely work! You are right, when painting, or making mixed media pieces, you never know where the journey leads, that's the fun of it! Hugs from cold and windy Germany! Valerie

  6. Wow these are both awesome!!! I love the idea of the sketches being done without thinking about it and just being a way to ” let it all out”! I'll have to try that! Deb

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