~Bead Table Wednesday~

It’s been a busy week here with workmen in and out of the house.  I am surprised I was able to do anything creative.  Two weeks ago, in this post, I showed you a variety of components I was working with.  I am really struggling with getting these to come together right.
BUT…..I was successful with this pendant…..
I love making those fused silver rings, hammering them FLAT…..very therapeutic…..and then stamping them for some texture.

I had a headpin leftover, and it was lonely, so made this simple pendant for myself……….

I have also had my hands in clay and glaze again……

Cant wait to glaze these and fire them.  I love that owl towards the bottom right…..he’s gonna be a cutie 🙂
Right next to him is a bezel box that I cant wait to fill with goodies and resin.
Here are a few glazed beads waiting for something creative to happen to them….

I think they may grow up to be pendants.
Be sure to go the Flickr group, Bead Table Wednesday, and check out what other jewelry artists are up to.
Happy Bead Table Wednesday!!!
What is happening on your bead table?

5 thoughts on “~Bead Table Wednesday~

  1. Kimberly you are bustin' loose! You do it all now wow! My husb told me the other day that he wished hed gotten me a kiln that could of “done it all” And they are out there. Ach no worries maybe still Me with ceramics? Look out lol Maybe. But Lampwork wow I want to delve deep!

    Your Lampworks lovely and necklace!

  2. Hi Kim, so nice to see regular post's from you i really miss you when you are not around. I always notice when my buddies are not posting as a matter of fact i checked in on a blog friend by e-mail noticed her absence and it turns out she really needed a friend and a big blog hug and it felt so good that i made her feel better. I would like to thank you for all of the support for my giveaway i have connected with so many wonderful people sharing their simalar stories 4 with new hips like me maybe we should start a “Hippy Blog” our Canada post is at a complete stand still right now on strike. I have so many packages coming with supplies for a festival in July 😦 anyway sorry for the rambling post just had alot to say i guess

    take care my friend and have a great evening! ttfn Lana 🙂

  3. Love the way your pendant (first pic) turned out. I know you sell at craft fairs, do you also sell on your website? I popped over to see and saw your work without any pricing, am I missing something?

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