Personally I think a messy work table shows that work is getting done!!!
It is a little embarrassing to show this photo, but when I am in a bead making frenzy this is what happens!
And I think most artists are capable of making a real good MESS!!!  I just hate myself when I have to clean it up, and that time is soon coming!
Very soon I will be upgrading to a mixed gas torch and I cannot wait!!  I am just waiting for all the items to get to me 🙂
I am still working with the findings I showed you last BTW.
Here are a few beads that will go with that mix.
What is on your creative table today?
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7 thoughts on “B.T.W.

  1. Messiness is definitely a sign of creativity! I only cleaned up my table the other day because I couldn't find a dang thing, and also because the dust from our endless winds had covered it all with grit. It'll surely be messy again soon. I can't wait to see the new beads that come out of your “mess”!

  2. I cleaned my table the other night it took a longgg time! I want some Orange like on your table! My husband said last night..”do you need some more glass?” I said no I have a bunch now. No sense in using or getting more since I am only at beginner stage, and I have alot. (Imagine saying No to glass?!) I was sooo tired today from torching 4 1/2 yesterday then swimming I have done nothing but rest today! But I also think the heat takes it out of you. (Me) Can't wait to see your New things Kimberly!!

  3. All work tables should be messy! but then I clean mine up before I start something new…I guess a clean slate is my starting point. Love yr beads.thanks for yr comments on my mermaids, when I was little I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid. LOL. gerri

  4. I think that's so true, about the creative mess. Admittedly, I have to try quite hard sometimes to just let it go and not worry so. I'm getting better at it! Your beads are so pretty, that's very interesting work.

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