Paint Party Friday ~ Slow Week

I only finished one painting this week….started a few mixed media pieces, but don’t want to show them til they are done.
I am continuing on my Painting BIG journey with Connie, and this is the result of one of the exercises.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this online class to any artist.  I am mainly an art quilter and jeweler, but a lot of times my designs are painted before they are put into those mediums.
This picture is not the best because the paint was still wet so I had to take it at an angle, but I really enjoyed this exercise and this is my favorite painting from this class so far.  The colors are a lot brighter and more intense than they are showing here also.
Be sure to go and checkout all the awesome PPF posts for this week.
Have a great weekend!

33 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday ~ Slow Week

  1. Oh what a great bike! It makes you want to get on there and start riding. Great job. I love Connie's work and her big way of painting. Have fun with the class. Happy PPF!

  2. I feel freedom in your fun painting. The bird in flight and the memory of how bikes gave us sucj freedom as children. It's colorful and fun! HAPPY PPF!

  3. Now that looks like a great Class! Were you bogged down with alot or was it pretty informative stream lined? It looks really great. Id like to crete a BIG painting wow yeahhh! Can you tell Im already excited? So are you finished with the class yet?

  4. Very nice. It evokes summer so much with it's carefree feeling. Love all the bright colors too. Have a happy weekend! 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  5. I have to tell you that when I saw your comment on my blog…and thank you by the way….and saw Bahama included in your name I thought…oh a woman who had a marvelous vacation and wished she LIVED THERE…omg then I cruise on over here to your blog and omg…you DO live there. I have wonderful vacation memories from your beloved island and I feel your art reflects your surroundings. Happy, full of color, lush,,,like the island,,,and your quilts are out of this world fabulous and your bracelets and things well I see you have many outlets…as do I,,,and one bounces hand in hand with the other. Thanks for coming by my blog as now I have found your blog. Have a great day!

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