Paint Party Friday……BIG

Last weekend I never made it around to all the Paint Party Friday blogs because we have been having internet issues. Fingers crossed…..looks like the problem has been resovled. So today I have been MADLY catching up on emails, and I will probably spend the rest of the day catching up on replying to emails and reading blogs!
Last Sunday I started an e-course called *BIG ~ a fearless painting adventure*.
Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well it is!
It is hosted by Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio.
I am learning to enjoy the process of painting and not worry about the final product. This is a lesson I need to learn for all areas of my creativity. So many times I am so wrapped up with the image, in my head, of the final piece that I dont enjoy the process. Then when it doesn’t work out many times I dont finish that piece.
Here are a few of my paintings from this week….

This whole process is like art therapy for the artist! I really need that since my creative juices just havent been flowing that well lately.
Take some time to check out all the creativity over at the Paint Party!
Have an awesome weekend!

40 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday……BIG

  1. I love the heart painting as well. Nice work. I'm familiar with Connie and her work and classes. She's a lot of fun and her “big” paintings are just awesome. Enjoy. Happy PPF!

  2. its been a theme today this whole giving your creativity full reign and not worrying about the outcome. i could do with a dose of that as i often get annoyed at the difference between how i imagine it and how it actually turns out. i also particularly love the heart picture-its yummy!

  3. Hi again! I love your hearts! I am taking the 21 Secrets class with Connie at Dirty Footprints. She has a really fun style and personality! Happy Paint Party Friday!

  4. Enjoying the process and not worrying about the final product – that's such a great way to get into painting. Just like you, I have something already in my head and of course it NEVER turns out like that and then I'm disappointed, angry… I could need some BIG! I love the bold colors in your heart painting, they're yummy.

  5. You have been industious creating away for PPF with your interesting and vibrant pieces. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a PPF comment…I really appreciate it.Have a good weekend!

  6. OHMYHECK Abaco! … what a beautiful place for inspiration. Going to check out that course you are taking. Your work is very inspirational, love the mermaids, colors shells. Anxiously awaiting staff dog info … thx for the visit … love the way PPF has brought us togther!

  7. Many of the participants this week seem to be struggling with similar issues and are resorting to “play” to loosen up or find their creativity again. These look happy and playful!

  8. Love the energy in these pieces. It looks like it got your creative juices flowing!!! Love the heart picture especially! Gorgeous colours. I know how you feel with the creative block, as you know I've been going through one myself. I think I worry too much about my direction and where my art is taking me rather than enjoying the process. Hopefully now I'm back on track. Great work!!! :0)

  9. Vibrant colours and those hearts are just bursting with love..remember Felix?……”I'm Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love”… Very Lovely work!


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