Unfocused Ramblings

I thought it was just me……but after reading several artists blog posts over the last few days I don’t feel so alone.
For the last few days I cant seem to concentrate…..I feel really unfocused in my work.
I am irritable, in part, because I have all this creative stuff in my head that can’t come out.
There’s so much in there that I am having trouble focusing on one thing.
I can’t decide what to do first.  I start one thing and then think I should be working on something else.
I was waiting for this time when I only had a few orders ahead of me, when I could just play, do what I wanted for a few hours, experiment with new ideas……
Now I don’t know what to do with myself.
It is so frustrating!!!!
It doesn’t help that my studio is an absolute mess and I really need to deal with that before I start anything else, but I stand there and look at the fabric pulled out, the sketchbooks all over the place, the yarn that needs to be put away, the glass rods in a pile and I am paralyzed!
I have been having this urge to paint, so I pulled out three colors and started this background…..
Hopefully I can find the inspiration to finish this when it is dry.
As artists are we just supposed to wait for these phases to pass, or fight thru them……I am not sure…..
Have I held these new ideas in for so long that they don’t want to come out anymore?
I am kind of jealous of my cat right now……
He’s not fighting any repressed creativity!!
We finished the screening in the back porch and most of the cats love it.  They can sit and watch the birds, enjoy the breeze and chill.
Maybe I should take some lessons from my cats….relax and this too shall pass 🙂

7 thoughts on “Unfocused Ramblings

  1. You just CAN'T lose your creativity!! NO! I say go on a trip of some sort and re-group. Maybe a change of scenery? Think of something! You are too good too lose it!

    (Although we all go through periods of indecision and lost “mojo” every once and awhile. LOL)

  2. omg it's not just me!!! Hey Kim you are a women of many amazing talents just take a deep breath and a couple of days off and laze around with those cute furry friends of yours and your focus will come back .Today i borrowed Jack's friends camera and started taking pics of all my components and i have tons i had planned on selling everything and giving up all together i just can't seem to focus nothing seems to be going my way i have this camera i can't figure it out to post anything on my blog i see everyone sharing there creations and i feel dumb cause i can't , my beautiful daughter told me i make way to beautiful stuff to just give up i hope this passes soon 😦 Jack had his surgery yest. everthing went good but were both exausted from it all ttfn L:)

  3. Something that helps me is to take a half-day (or more if necessary) and impose a bit of order on the chaos of my sewing room. Things reach a certain point of messiness, and then I get “scattered”. Can't think, start too many things, piles of stuff form… just as you described. Of course once all is in order, I get right back to it, and off we go again! But it does help.

  4. I stumbled across your blog this morning and resinated so much with your words.

    Just wat I needed to read this morning. Thanks so much for related to where I am … Now.

    I look forward to visiting with you again.

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