Full Pink Moon Dreamboard

This month I decided to participate in Jamie Ridler’s Dreamboard challenge.  I have been watching the posts on these dreamboards for several months now, but the last several months have been a real whirlwind for me.  I finally feel like I am at a time when things are going to slow down and be less hectic, and when I reach these points I have always been a list maker.   I have so many ideas bursting from my head that I have to write them down, prioritize and then play!
So this month it was very theraputic to create my dreamboard instead of writing a list.  (Knowing me I will still write a list!)
“Trust your crazy ideas” ~ is stamped right by my house, because my ideas get pretty crazy sometimes!
All the symbols in the painting represent areas in my life that I plan on working on, and most revolve around things I want to do around the house or new creative ideas and dreams.
I am thankful every single day that I can engage in my creativity on a daily basis.
Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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