HELP!! ~ I Need Advice!

In my last post I showed you the beginnings of my quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap.  I have been working on it for the last week, hoping to get the finishing touches done on it today.
All I have left to do is the detail on the bottom and sew the binding down by hand.
I had this GREAT idea, in my head, to sew buttons on the bottom to spell out *LAUGH*, but it isnt coming out like my imagination is seeing it.  That is so frustrating!!!!
Is it because the buttons are too colorful?  Should I use all white buttons?  Should I scrap the whole button idea and use fabric?  I would love to do something other than fabric…but what?
I know one thing for sure…..I need to step away from this for a few hours, but i would love your input.  Give me some ideas!!!
Above is a close-up of the top…..I love how this part turned out….now if I can only *fix* the bottom!!

10 thoughts on “HELP!! ~ I Need Advice!

  1. What about fabric letters with button accents, maybe a button or two on each letter or buttons scattered around the background of the letters? Or buttons made into flowers down there by the letters?

  2. Maybe keep the multi-color buttons, but put a disc of one color of felt behind each one? It could give you the needed contrast to form the letters, with the color accent of buttons. OR, simplify even further by using cut-out felt letters and embellish each letter with the colorful buttons?

  3. Hi Kim, i've missed you looks like you have been busy. about your dilemma idk i think if you really want to add the buttons i would use all black i'm not sure i can't tell from the pic is that black on the roof tops and around the border? if so then i think black is your best bet & mayb smaller buttons it also looks great as is whatever your multi creative mind comes up with i'm sure it will look great!! How are all of your furry friends doing? i would love to see a post one day with pics of some of them. can't wait to see the finished quilt ttfn L:)

  4. Hi there, this is lookin gorgeous but re the buttons – O think the multi coloured buttons are too busy and you have to work too hard to read them. Why don't you audition the letters in one colour and see how you go – I also like the suggestion to use fabric letters with button accents. Maybe that can be the fall back plan if you don't like single coloured buttons.

  5. Hey Kim I was thinking that if you didnt like the way the solid colour buttons looked (and I dont know how they would look either) you could try piping?! I was lieing in bad last night and your quilt popped in my head lol. I thought ha piping. Just a thought.

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