Pay It Forward 2011

With all the chaos going on in the world right now life can be pretty depressing.  It is so confusing who to help and which cause to donate to.  There are small things we can do for the people around us that make a difference and cause a ripple effect, because in the end what goes around, comes around.
Some in the blogging world are starting to pay it forward thru their blogs.  The theory is if you do something good for three people, and those people each do something for three more people, and this keeps on going, hundreds and hundreds will be touched.
Fellow bloggers I encourage you to join me and continue this thru your blog.
The first five people to comment below will receive a small handmade gift from me.  Please make sure I can contact you thru your blog to get mailing/contact information.  
When you do something good for someone there is a chance they will do something good for someone else.  Even if they dont, it will brighten that persons day, at the very least.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi

5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward 2011

  1. What a lovely idea – I am a strong beleiver in that we should all do what we can, no matter how small the gesture is, to help others. Making quilts for Queensland helped me to feel less helpless while watching it all unfold on the TV, I know I will be doing to same for Japan once I get some details!

  2. Kimberly you are really thoughtful!! xox
    This is great a Giveaway to Pay it Forward!
    I will def be doing that.
    Thank you so much…whooo hoo am excited now!! xoxoxo

  3. Hi Kim, i recieved my beautiful earrings that i won on your giveaway they are so pretty the pic did not do them justice at all and they were packaged up so pretty thanks so much take care ttfn L:)

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