Creative Project #16 ~ Aprons & Creative Challenges

This morning my dear friend, Amy, sent me a link to a website where an artist was being interviewed.  This artist was Leah Piken Kolidas of Blue Tree Art Gallery.
Leah hosts a year long creative challenge to create everyday.  I was over the moon since the February challenge I am in on FLickr has kept me so inspired, and I have been wondering what I would do after this one was over.
Of course, without hesitation I joined Leah’s group!  After February, instead of blogging every, single day about what I created, I will do one post a week with a selection of items that have come out of my creative journey, because there are other blog posts I am anxious to do.  Like the post on my plate and chair collection!
So after the excitement of finding another creative challenge this morning I went into my studio and worked on some more asterisk blocks for my new quilt and then looked around for something new to dive into.
In one of my first Creative Project Posts I mentioned an apron I wanted to make from Fat Quarterly Magazine.  Here it is……..another apron to add to my growing collection.
I LOVE aprons.  They are so practical and pretty – all rolled into one.
This apron will be perfect for art shows.  There is even a tiny pocket for business cards and a pen slot.
Plus two more spacious pockets.
All the printed fabrics I used on this apron are all vintage fabrics, even the backing fabric.
For my last art show I made the apron below out of vintage doilies and got lots of compliments on it.
The owl apron was sent to me in a swap, and also makes a great show apron because of all the handy pockets.
Perhaps another future blog post could be on my apron collection!
Because I am an apronista!

4 thoughts on “Creative Project #16 ~ Aprons & Creative Challenges

  1. I didn't know you were working on an asterisk quilt…will you believe it when I tell you that my first potholder attempt for you was 4 mini asterisk squares all in green solids? I was concerned that you might not be as asterisk fan. I am still glad I changed gears because I like what I came up with…but it's funny nonetheless! Nice apron!

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