Creative Project #13 ~ Artbeads Winter Enchantment Challenge

As you know from previous posts I am an Artbeads Design Partner.  The challenge that was recently sent to us was “Winter Enchantment”.
Down south, in the tropics, we don’t see snow and cold is in the 40’s if we are lucky!
On cool, crisp days all the colors seem brighter and more vibrant.  The ocean beams and the trees are screaming green because it is a comfortable temperature for them.
I went with a blue, green and silver color palette.
The design was simplistic with sterling silver chain, a sterling silver toggle, some sterling coiled wire and my lamp worked beads. This toggle was perfect because it looks like a branch from the trees who’s color I was trying to capture.
There are so many neat toggles at Artbeads that it was difficult to decide which one I wanted to use.
I am calling this necklace and earring set “Winter Colors”.
I am so in love with the diamond cut rollo chain that I got from Artbeads that I have already ordered more.  It is on sale right now so hurry over and stock up!
These earrings are so light that you cannot even feel them on.
The bead just floats below your ear.
I went a little crazy adding beads to the toggle, but I was having so much fun with the beads being the perfect color and adding the coiled sterling silver wire for some fun and texture, that it was difficult to stop.
This design is a lot simpler than I normally do, but it seems that the designs I have in my head to do now are headed in that direction.  We’ll see what happens!
Hope your weekend has been fantastic!

The products in this post were provided as a promotional gift by, as part of their Design Partner & Blogging program.  I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion – good or bad.  My comments and opinions about these products are my honest, personal opinion and I have not been paid for any endorsement.

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