Creative Project #9 for February……earrings on the brain!!!

Just a quick Create! project today since I have been in and out of meetings I havent had much creative time.  I have tons of earring ideas in my brain.  Quite a change for me since I usually HATE doing earrings since I have to do the same thing TWICE!  Oh well, I seem to be on a roll now so I will go with it.
These were fun to make and are a combination of fine silver wire, copper wire and colored copper wire that is non-tarnish.
The shape reminds me of a birdcage or a bird perch.
I am *thinking*, but not sure yet, that these may be my giveaway prize for my 100th post.
Just so no one misses out let me go over the *rules* again.
1. Comment under the post for the 100th post (this Saturday) ~ this gives you one chance.
2.  Become a follower of this blog, thru your email, not thru facebook ~ this will give you a second chance.
3.  I will give you until Sunday evening to comment and will announce the winner on Monday.
Hope you all want to play 🙂

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