Creative Project #6 for February….you’ll never believe what i found!!!

Today the task of emptying out the upstairs attic continued.  I found some wonderful treasures I had forgotten about.   A few (more) quilts I had started that had been packed away, my grandmother’s sewing machine and some fabric that I had silk screened myself when I was about 13!!
I have been so fortunate to have had some awesome teachers along my artistic journey.  From high school right through college.  One of them was my high school art teacher, Bill Mangan.  For summer school Mr Mangan would offer a silk screening class and I signed up for it several summers in a row.
Today I found the first silk screening project that I did in that class.  A set of place mats and napkin (that need to be finished). *Sturrup* is my maiden name.
I need to get these finished for my mom.  The printing on the napkins isn’t the greatest but not bad for a first try!
Then I came across this musical fabric I had printed which I had TOTALLY forgotten about.
There is some slight yellowing on a small portion, but other than that it is perfect.
I had an order for a small bag made with a musical theme so I decided to use a piece of this for it.
I was involved in music when I was younger and have played the piano, the flute, the recorder (what kid doesn’t play the recorder?  I think it is a pre-requisite to get out of 3rd grade!) and the guitar.
I think the person who it is for will appreciate it.
My pictures are not the greatest today.  When I decided to go outside and take the pictures it started to rain!
So there is my creation for the 6th day of February!  I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge to do something creative everyday for the month of February.  It is doing what I had hoped, and keeping that creative adrenaline rush going.
I hope everyone has an awesome week!

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