Creative Project #5 for February….something in on the road.

Today was a pretty busy day.  We are emptying our upstairs to have spray foam insulation put in……and *maybe*, just *maybe* one of the rooms upstairs may become a classroom for me to teach quilting.  I have gotten a lot of requests lately and am starting to feel like I should pay it forward.
So the morning was spent emptying two huge rooms, then after lunch my husband and I took a road trip to another town….40 minutes away ~ far for the islands!… attend a fundraiser for a friend’s mom.
If I was gonna create today I had to take something on the road.  I had gotten an email from Lion Brand Yarns this morning featuring some patterns, and one of them was a cute little crocheted envelope.
Just before we left I got it started.
Here it is in the car when I completed it.  You can take a look at our *highways* 🙂
When I got home I sewed on a button for a clasp.
Makes the perfect jewelry pouch!
My husband has also been creative!  For Christmas he got a home brewing kit to make his own beer.  We are beer connoisseurs!  And tonight the time had come to taste the first batch, after 3 weeks of waiting!
It was awesome!  This batch was Lager and the next batch will be Draught.
And I know this beer is vegan!
Hope you have all had a wonderful Saturday!

One thought on “Creative Project #5 for February….something in on the road.

  1. The last picture really made me laugh. I love catching glimpses of your surroundings, like the highway shot, it helps me picture what it is like there! The little envelope is sweet!

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