Creative Project #4 for February…….Valentines!

Happy Friday everyone!
It dawned on me yesterday that I should probably do some Valentine’s themed projects.  So that was my goal with my *Create!* project for day four and since I am on a roll with the jewelry, that is the direction I went in.
I am not a matchy-matchy type of person so to me the pendant and earrings can be worn together, but I know to some that just wouldn’t do.
All the beads are made by myself, and all the silver wire is fine silver wire.  The colored pink wire on the pendant is colored copper wire that is non-tarnish.
I think the earrings are my favorite.
Now I need to get back to finishing my orders that are almost done!  So if you ordered something from me at the show last weekend, then you will probably see me next week!
Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Creative Project #4 for February…….Valentines!

  1. You know, the earrings have a whole different look when worn. I am glad you show them that way too. I like them 10 times better on you. The beads on them are really cool. I already commented on the necklace on Flickr. Love it too!

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