Guess Who???

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last posted.  I am so thankful for all the emails I have gotten asking where I was and if I had given up on blogging.  For those of you that don’t know, here is what happened…..
 Four days after that last post my golden retriever, Maya, passed away.  I knew my next post would have to be about this and I just wasn’t ready.  I am still not ready.  Putting it into words just makes it seem so much more real.  Maya was my faithful obedience dog for about 8 years.  We sure had our ups and downs, but that just made me love her more. She was never an easy dog to train and always had a mind of her own….kind of like me!
The above picture was her finishing one of her Rally Obedience legs.  Her and our 10 year old yellow lab, Lucky, were best buddies.  He is still looking for her and it breaks my heart.
They had this strange little game they played when they went outside.  Lucky would go out first and wait at the back door for her to come out…..he still waits, with that crazy look on his face…..I’m not sure how to tell him.
Life goes on after a loss.  I have shows to get ready for and orders to fill.  Thankfully my artwork is my therapy and is a great place for me to get lost when I don’t want to think about anything else.
In between the two upcoming art shows we are having agility trials, and I have been training one of my potcakes, Trixi, for the last year.
At our last trials she finished her Rally Novice title, so I am hoping for an agility novice title this time.  The last few weeks she has been more confident and has made me so proud.  She is a slow and steady learner, but once it clicks she never forgets.
One piece of jewelry I completed in the last few weeks and am especially proud of is this piece…..
One of my online/blogging friends asked me to make this for her, Kristen Beason.  Kristen is a halloween artist (she does other themes as well) and I am totally in love with her work and have a few pieces.  So I was flattered when she asked me to make something for her.  Go check out her website and blog.
Below are a few art quilts I have been working on as well….
“Hansel & Gretel”
“Morning Songs”
“Undersea for Baby”

4 thoughts on “Guess Who???

  1. A beautiful post! With hope and understanding may sweet memories of the relationship you and Maya shared, bring you gentle comfort. I have tender thoughts for you Kim, as I sympathize with the depth of your loss.

    Thank goodness for creative outlets huh?! Your quilts are terrific – so colorful & inspired. And how nice to be asked to make a special piece of jewelry for a friend. That's a comfy warm feeling. Great job!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Maya. We lost a dog this last summer. It was way too soon and we still miss Wyatt so much. They bring so much love and joy into our lives, it is absolutely worth it — but it sure is hard to lose them.

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about Maya. I know what it feels like to lose a beloved family member. We lost Buddy not that long ago and it still hurts.

    I'm glad you are still creating — it can be such a comfort, and your work is beautiful!

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