My Final Three Packages

So sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but we are having horrible power outages here.  Even though we have a generator to run the house, the internet company does not have a generator at their plant so when the power goes out I have no internet.  I spent the day making jewelry and hanging out by the pool……..aaahhhh so relaxing!
Here is another package I received in the mail on Friday……
This package came from Calamity Kim and it was for the placemat swap.  Kim and I decided to do two placemats for each other, and she also sent me some tea that is just divine, a bagel spreader with a hummingbird handle, and sweet little handmade card and a Mary Jane’s Farm magazine.  I LOVE this magazine.  One of the articles in this magazine is one getting your first goat…..perfect!!!  I am still working on getting my chickens, but the goat is on the list also!
Here is a close-up of the placemats……
Bright and pretty batiks with a tropical applique.  They will be perfect for out in the cabana……
Thanks so much for the great package Kim!  Go and check out Kim’s blog.  She does some awesome work and works in more mediums than I do….if you can believe that!
I also got in the mail a 3.5″ block for one of the flickr groups I am in with the BBQ/Picnic theme, from Ruthiequilts.
How cool is this block?  And the detail with the embroidered mustard and ketchup!  Awesome Ruthie!  I sent out my sunshine blocks last week, and they should be getting to my partners this week.  This will be a fun collection of blocks when I get them all.
My final package was a African Flower crochet square.
This is a Raverly group I am in where I send out these blocks and receive them from others.  Only thing is this one came with no name on the envelope, so I need to do some searching to figure out who it came from to thank them!
Hope these posts have inspired some of you to join some swaps!
Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “My Final Three Packages

  1. Great swaps! You won't believe this but we were at the first CSA pick up of the season and we were visiting the goats while we were there. We were actually talking about getting a goat.

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