and Christmas in June continues…….

Today I am here to show you two more of my swap presents.
This one came is this beautiful box…..
and inside of this box was this…….
Look at all that yummy goodness!!!!!  This package was from the Potholder Pass on Flickr, and my secret partner was Michele.  Check out her blog here.
Michele is from Canada and along with those beautiful potholders……
(above is the front and below is the back, or vice versa! – both sides are so amazing!)
I also got this bag with cute little crocheted flowers on it!
There were also 3 fat quarters very nicely labeled, a bundle of ric rac, and a handmade card.  She was right on track with the bright colors, and one of my favorite blocks is the snail’s trail, which is on one side of the potholders.   AND…crocheted flowers……eeeekkkkk!!
Michele sure knows how to put a package together!!  Thanks so much!!!
Another swap package I received yesterday was from a different potholder swap (yes there is a little bit of an addiction here), and this one came from Gerry.  This potholder swap was also a flickr swap called 2010 Great Potholder Swap.  If you click on the links you can see lots of great work.  In this swap we knew our partners and could communicate and share likes/dislikes etc…..
Go and check out Gerry’s blog as well, right here.
Here is the package from this swap……
Is it obvious that I like color – or what?!?!  This wonderful package had two potholders with houses and cats on BOTH sides, two very well made bags (who mentioned I have a bag fetish?), and funky card with parrots, and a notebook.   Take a look at both sides of these potholders…..
and then the other side is equally as cute and pretty…..
can you find the kitties on all four sides?  they are there on all sides…..adorable!!!!
Here is a close up of one of Gerry’s bags.
Both were embroidered with her business name, and both have breathable mesh fabric.  I think these bags will be perfect for boating and beaching!  Thanks so much Gerry!
I am still in awe at how unbelievably lucky with swap partners I have been!  What I am wondering is …….what am I going to do with these potholders that are too beautiful to be used?……… because I am one messy cook!!  Anyone got any ideas on how I can display them in my kitchen?
The third and final post will be tomorrow with the last 3 packages.
Hope you are having a great Saturday!

3 thoughts on “and Christmas in June continues…….

  1. You could always put them in a shadow box with other fun trinkets you get from swaps. You can change out which ones are displayed or move things around daily if you want! 🙂

  2. I love the potholders from Michele. They were among my favorites from this round–lucky you! Lucky me, she is my swap partner for the Pincushion Pass!

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