Sloppy Studio Saturdays

I can’t believe what I am about to show you……..but because of this…….
and this……….
I get to expand to here……….
There is a bedroom next to my studio, that I spent the morning emptying so my dear husband could install an indestructible floor. Β 
Do you think that means that if hot, molten glass or fabric paint or sharp scissors drop on it that it will still look the same?
I guess we will see!!!
There is one place in my studio that is still neat and tidy……..
My Blythe Doll shelf!
Looks like I wont be doing much work for the next few days, but hopefully soon I can post pictures of a neat and organized studio space. Β I can’t wait to SPREAD OUT!!
And guess what?……there is still another un-used bedroom upstairs for me to expand into….ssshhhhh!

3 thoughts on “Sloppy Studio Saturdays

  1. Yea for expanding! What kind of material is he going to use for this indestructible floor? That is a tall order given the materials you use! I am doing a creative space reorg right now too. I was just given a hutch that I am going to refinish for my fabic storage and am bringing in another piece of furniture for a cutting table. The sunroom is quickly turning into a studio…shhhh, my husband doesn't suspect it yet! Good luck with all the construction!

  2. Oh I love to peek into peoples work areas and see all that they are doing and have! Thank you for the glimpse! A spare room is pretty awesome. My bedrooms are all upstairs a dilemma for lampwrking so into the garage I will go. I have a shed too maybe will put an AC and electricity in it. Could be worse right?! lol

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