Quilt Blogger’s Festival

So many neat things go on in the blogging world!!
Recently Amy at Amy’s Creative Side Blog hosted a Bloggers Quilt Festival.
At this blog you can see hundreds of quilts and their stories.  Loads of inspiration, so go check it out!
I looked through my quilts to find the one with the most interesting story and picked this one……
This quilt was in a special exhibit at the Sisters Oregon Outdoor Quilt show a few years back.  I sent several quilts, but have sold all but this one.  At this point I think this one is a keeper.
I sent my quilts by FedEx from Abaco, Bahamas for the show, and U.S. Customs held them up because they weren’t sure what material I had used as batting.  So the quilts got there the day of the exhibit!!!!
Then when the quilts were delivered at the Stitchin’ Post quilt shop  FedEx handed them a massive bill for duty, even thought the quilts were returning to the Bahamas!  In the end everything was cleared up, but boy the stress at the time!
The year before I sent one quilt for display and everything went smoothly, but five quilts from a foreign country raised some eye brows!
Go check out all the quilters that have posted stories!!  There are over 550!!

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